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They say that a man’s home is his castle and in Fallout 4 this is quite literally the case. In Fallout 4, home is not necessarily where the heart is but more where the Deathclaws are not. The build mechanic in Fallout 4 has become a game in itself. Look at it as a Sims game set in a radioactive, post nuclear war environment.

With the introduction of workshop upgrades and the implementation of more expansive building mods players are able to create settlements that will totally and utterly beguile you.

Players are now able to customise their Fallout experience to the absolute max. Pimping settlements beyond all recognition – hell yea! Fallout 4 is the gift that keeps on giving; will we ever run out of things to do in Boston?

Massive respect to the time and effort put into the following creations, I find it hard enough to provide enough beds for settlers in my game. From the iconic to the moronic - here are some of the most creative, insane and absurdly awesome settlements ever built in Fallout 4.

8. Greygarden A great sniper vantage point

This two tiered settlement is self sufficient to the nth degree. RuxConk has taken advantage of the greenhouses below and the height of the overhead freeway. The freeway is laden with windmills and gun turrets whilst the ground level incorporates a vast indoor farmland. This settlement is able to support more settlers than most other settlements seen online.

7. Power Armour hangar - The most formidable collection of Armor this side of the apocalypse

This Power Armour showroom is one heck of a labour of love. Thanatos has utilised the indoor capacity of a Red Rocket station to turn the derelict space into a beautifully uniformed showroom for Power Armour. The attention to detail here is what really draws me in.

6. Columbia (Bioshock) - Gamers rejoice!

Video game gold right here! Talented YouTuber GPG Shepard has recreated Bioshock Infinite’s floating city Columbia in Fallout 4. This place is nostalgic down to the last detail – gamers the world over will appreciate how special this place is and how long this must have taken.

This floating city is one of my absolute favourites yet.

5. Scrap Dragon - Mad Max meets Fallout!

This mightily impressive structure sits above downtown Boston. This gigantic settlement is comprised of only scrap metal – the combination of rusty sheet metal, eroded antennas and warped steel girders is what gives this settlement is unique quality. The entire structure is built to emulate that of a colossal guardian – a steel dragon that protects the city. Settlement courtesy of kavkavkav.

4. Rubik’s cube - Made by a genius for a genius

This takes in-game engineering to the next level. This incredible creation took Theowest over 25 hours to build and that does not include the time spent gathering the materials required for such a challenging project. In total there are 2,646 light panels that are all individually powered via 180 generators. Tricky stuff!

3. Kingsport Lighthouse - "I could actually live here"

This must have literally taken JihwoanAhn years to build. This brilliantly designed settlement sits around the Lighthouse and embraces the circular architecture of the structure.

The settlement rises with the tower and includes a school, bar, mall, shooting range, social areas, sleeping areas, play areas and even a jail.

2. Wasteland AT-AT - The ultimate defense

As if the Fallout franchise wasn’t big enough? This incredibly talented player decided that Fallout was missing the interstellar influence of another of the world’s most popular franchises. This AT-AT walker from The Empire Strikes Back was built by YouTuber Ops_Specialist. This inspired design certainly sends out a message to any would be assailant – although this AT-AT doesn’t actually walk it is a superb example of what is possible in Fallout 4.

1. Bliss - Fallout's little slice of heaven

My absolute favourite settlement built so far in Fallout 4. The Wasteland can be a torrid and barren place. With so little life seen growing outside of the farm plots this settlement is truly a sight for sore eyes. This is a beautifully lush Eden-esque development with flora and fauna adorning almost every square inch. A true throwback to the days of old before the war scorched the earth.

Bonus Settlement - The whole kit and kaboodle

I couldn’t compile this list without including an actual castle now could I? This sturdy structure created by ThisIsNotKimJongUn, brings the past to life. This renovation of Fort Independence is likely to be the toughest settlement that exists in Fallout 4. Built out of solid concrete and adorned with enough artillery to sink a continent ThisIsNotKimJongUn’s vision of the past is sure to live far on into the future.

These settlements are something else - almost as astounding as the time we reported that the Fallout 4 world was actually round! Exceptional work, you should all be very proud!

And if you thought that these were rad then check out whats going on in the world of Minecraft!

What do you think of these settlements? Have you seen or even built anything else impressive that you want to share? Let us know below!


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