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Now Loading's sentimental Irishman. I can't stop playing Overwatch, please send help.
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You all know how addicted I am to Overwatch. Why? Because you're right there with me. I know what Reaper's teleportation move sounds like, I can hear when Pharah takes to the sky, I know every Ultimate line, every crevice of every map and I'm so far from being done.

But despite the beauty of Overwatch's design, it can be a frustrating little game at times. In the heat of battle there are more things going on than we can comprehend, but, as gamers, we always find something to direct our frustration towards and it's never our own fault.

As an Overwatch player, I'm sure you've experienced these very moments, so let's revel in the resentment and the denial.

Overwatch: She Giveth And She Taketh Away

1. That moment when someone covers your spray with their own

Unless you're Mercy, people who pull that shit tend to immediately regret it, move it and look at me saying: "Please heal me bro."

2. When Symmetra trolls you with her teleporters

I've had teleporters placed next to cliffs, I've had them lock me in areas I couldn't get out of, I've had them put me back to starting areas...why you do dis?

3. That awkward moment when teammate Mei ruins everything

2 often.

4. That awkward moment when enemy Mei ruins everything

God damn it, Mei.

5. That moment when you forget about Junkrat's volatile corpse

My brain refuses to remember this passive ability.

6. When Blizzard ignore your amazing play and reward this shit

The injustice.

7. That awkward moment when you don't want to watch your own Play of the Game


8. When you're playing as Reinhardt and your team refuses to stay behind your shield

I was just trying to help...

9. When Bastion gets Play of the Game just because he's Bastion

Talk about favoritism.

10. How the last player to join doesn't care about the team

Of course you picked Hanzo.

11. When everyone on your team decides to play as Widowmaker

Some people just wanna watch the world burn.

12. That awful feeling when you miss the capture zone by one second


13. When you're playing as Mercy & your teammates refuse to stay together

Never a truer word spoken.

14. How Torbjörn's turrets do all the dirty work & he knows it

Seriously, this Play of the Game should have focused on the actual turret as opposed to this cocky dwarf.

15. When you have your Ultimate and clearly don't deserve it

I've done worse...

16. When the game denies you that sweet, sweet loot

Though generally the loot is pretty disappointing...

17. When a bucket interrupts your perfect shot

Actually this has never happened to me.

18. When you forget what map you're playing on

That damned well...

19. When the game breaks its own logic

He looks so confused XD

20. How the enemy can ruin your plan and make you look an absolute fool

Ouch, my self-esteem!

That's all folks, if you have any others let us know in the comments and be sure to check out some of the other Overwatch articles we've linked below. Have some flair to finish things off.

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