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You are not alone. As a gamer you are a part of one of the world’s biggest and most diverse communities to ever have existed. Whether you play alone, online or with friends it is highly likely that we all share the same highs and the same lows.

Today, we are going to be looking at those universal things that really annoy us gamers - from saving your game at a ridiculous place to dying just before you get to the boss, and all the corrupted game saves in between. This list aims to unify our community through the mutual despair we all share when playing video games.

11. Forgetting to save your game

Maybe not so much of a problem today as it once was, but my goodness did this hack me off. We’ve all been there – you spend hours upon hours working your way through a game only to forget to save your progress.The kicker here is that you only remember as you are pressing the power switch meaning that you have no option to let go and accept the inevitable.

10. Insufficient space

No matter what generation of gaming we are in there is never enough space to save your stuff. The days of bundles of memory cards have gone but the decisions we have to make nowadays are insufferable.

To install new games on our consoles we must first create space which often means uninstalling another. But which one? This is not a position any gamer should ever be put in.

9. Install time

Current gen games take an eternity to install onto the console. You take a day out to play your new game but have to wait till dinner time to play the thing. You know what; I don’t need to say anymore because Rooster Teeth’s video below describes the situation perfectly. Viewer discretion advised - It gets a little tempered.

8. Unskippable cutscenes

I love a good cutscene me, but in certain games they can go on far too long and when subjected to the same scene eight times in a row because it is stupidly situated in-between saves heading into a hardcore boss, it can become tantamount to torture.

7. Interactive cutscenes

These are great, as I said above, I love a good cutscene but the interactive cutscenes can be a nightmare, especially when you are not expecting them. I like to use my cutscenes as mini-break sessions – I like to sit back, take a breath and have a sip of tea (I am English). But when these cutscenes suddenly tell you to mash a certain button or action it can be met with tea spilling panic.

6. Skipping vital cutscenes

When you skip a cutscene and then realize that the whole cutscene was put there to tell you what to do next. You end up walking around forever trying to figure it out which in the long run takes up more time than watching the original cutscene would have.

5. Lag

Lag is an annoyance beyond all compare. Online gamers the world across will know just how frustrating lag can be. It can not only cost you the game but it can even cost you your reputation. Lag is the bane of all competitive gamers life and leads my nicely into my next point.

4. Rage quit

Yes, I have done it. I am not proud but I am brave enough to admit it. The annoyance to others comes in though when an opponent rage quits just before the end of a game robbing you of your hard earned victory. Sure, you know you won but when it is not up there on display, on record, it is a hollow feeling.

3. Noobs as teammates

Competitive gaming is insane fun but when you get teamed up with all the noobs in the lobby it can be frustrating. Like ‘what the f*** did I do to warrant having to carry the entire team?”

2. Same move repeated in fighting games

Doesn’t it really, really, really, and I mean really annoy you when you play someone at a one v one fighting game and they repeat the same move over and over again and win? Not only because you lose but because they then claim to better than you.

1. Saving at stupid points

Some games like Fallout 4 allow you the courtesy of saving your own progress. This can be beneficial for many reasons but can also lead to the most frustrating thing that can ever happen to a gamer. Saving a game at a point when (unbeknown to you at the time) you are about to get killed and when you load your last save you load straight back to the moment just prior to inevitable death. You enter into an infinite shit-loop of infuriating death!

What grinds your gears when playing video games?


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