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In recent years Riot was one of the most influential game developers in the MOBA industry. It hailed from an old Warcraft 3 mod called DOTA (or Defense Of The Ancient) but many more sprouted through the years trying to get a share of League of Legends' global success.

League of Legends was a great success story. Can't say it died and isn't anymore but their foul decisions and broken promises have had their player base always looking for the next big game. A developer which will actually listen to their requirements.

Needless to say the new hype right now is Overwatch and Riot is doing everything to please their player base. They're trying to pull some old tricks out of their hat, copying their rivals. One apparent goal is that of creating highly synergistic abilities which allow great and awe-worthy plays. A trademark of DOTA 2, if you ask me.

Let's get on topic, the new Ryze has this ultimate ability:

Amazing, right?

In all intends and purposes, it is a teleport that doesn't require a ward. One which can teleport the whole team.

Forget about correct position, warding, or rotations. This ultimate screws them all up. Yes, it is still up in the PBE (Public Beta Environment). Nonetheless, I think it shouldn't have reached this stage in the first place. Probably, one can't imagine all the possibilities.

Dear Riot, how on earth can someone counter this play? You created Kindred Ult and Taric's Cosmic Radiance (Ultimate) to counter heavy engage. That's totally logical. Alas, this new ability seems gargantuously over-powered. Especially in competitive or coordinated environments.

A solution?

Bard's Magical Journey could equal such high mobility, maybe even Sivir Ultimate or a Karma Mantra E (Defiance). One could also stop the enemy in their track with a Tempered Fate (Bard's Ultimate). With all this being said, it still might not cut it.

The only option is to create or find a clear counter to such a play, one that we are all eagerly waiting.

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Do you think that Ryze will be reworked yet another time?


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