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Ah, the Steam Summer Picnic Sale. PC gamers look forward to it every year. Your favorite games come out at bottom of the bin prices, and while everyone around you bought the game at full price upon release date, you get to enjoy all of those games with a little extra change in your pocket.

Well, for those of you who haven't gotten on the Steam train yet, there's still time. The sale doesn't end until tomorrow, July 4th, 2016. If you're having trouble deciding on which game to play, here is a list of the Top 10 Best Sellers of the Steam Summer Picnic Sale.

1) Grand Theft Auto V

Developer: Rockstar
Full Price: $59.99
Steam Sale Price: $35.99

Grand Theft Auto V was released September 17, 2013, and it is still making waves throughout the gaming community, and the community at large. It has been a game at the center of controversy after controversy, and it still manages to hit top sellers list with high ratings. This could also be attributed to the fact that it wasn't remastered for the Playstation 4 and Xbox 1 until 2014, and it wasn't available on the PC until April 2015. The Grand Theft Auto series is considered an open-world action-adventure game, where you can do anything from beating up random strangers, stealing cars, and riding a stolen motorbike into the sunset with your new hot piece in the beautiful San Andreas, California.

2) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Developer: CD Projekt RED Full Price: $49.99 Steam Sale Price: $24.99

Our number 2 spot also brings us to the world of open-world gaming, though with a very different setting. The Wither 3: Wild Hunt was released for all major consoles and PC on May 19th, 2015. The Witcher series is based off of a series of fantasy novels by Polish author, Andrzej Sapkowski. The main protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, is a monster hunter known as The Witcher, and you play as him in a third person perspective as he adventures through the Northern Kingdoms. (No, not like Winterfell). Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is at least 30 times larger than the previous Witcher games, and things like sailing across the sea in hand made boats and fast traveling is finally possible.


Developer: Bethesda Softworks (most recent)
Full Price: $59.99
Steam Sale Price: $35.99

Doom is a game series that has been in circulation since 1993. Since its original game developed by id Software, it has undergone several different owners and designers, finally falling into the laps of Bethesda. The games are all first person shooters set in a science fiction universe, where the world has recolonized on Mars. This reboot of the original Doom series is the first major installment since 2004, and the excitement for this game shows in its major sale numbers. You take on the identity of an unnamed marine, and your job is to battle hellish demons, monsters, and deformed beings that have been released by the Union Aerospace Corporation.

4) Ark: Survival Evolved

Developer: Studio Wildcard
Full Price: $29.99
Steam Sale Price: $16.49

Do you love Dinosaurs? Was Jurassic Park not enough for you? Well, sorry console gamers, this game is for PC users only until the end of 2016, and it certainly got some unexpected popularity. The game made its way into the PC community on June 2, 2015, and has grown exponentially since. The premise of the game takes place in a world where you are left to literally fight a battle of the Survival of the Fittest. You have to fight off dinosaurs, abnormally large ancient creatures, and even other online players to survive in this new world. The game gets in depth with your survival skills, even requiring you to eat a certain amount of food, and use your materials before they wither away from rot or get stolen. With beautiful graphics, integrated online gameplay, and ever changing landscapes, this game is one you'd want to grab up.

5) Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Developer: Valve Corporation
Full Price: $14.99
Steam Sale Price: $7.49

Series installments have proven to take up the majority of gaming top sellers, and Counter Strike is no exception. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth installment in the Counter Strike series. Like any popular first person shooter, Counter Strike is played on a multiplayer platform, and has kept up its popularity with global online tournaments. Though Global Offensive was released for the PC and other consoles back in 2012, it wasn't released for Linux until 2014, which added a plethora of new players. In game, you either choose between the Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist team, and you have to complete multiple objectives to defeat the enemy.

6) Dead by Daylight

Developer:Behavior Interactive Full Price: $19.99 Steam Sale Price: $17.99

Yet again, I must apologize to console users, because this completely brand new game is only available for PC gamers. Dead By Daylight was just released on June 14, 2016, and has quite an unusual gameplay. This game is considered an asymmetrical survival horror game. A group of survivors must escape one killer in an abandoned area, that usually takes the form of popular horror film tropes, such as old corn fields, the woods, etc. The survivors are all played in third person, while the killer plays in first person. The game has you complete objectives to escape the killer, such as repairing generators to open the gates to the area, or going through a trapdoor. The catch is that the trapdoor only opens when there is one survivor left. Do you think you could survive?

7) Fallout 4

Developer: Bethesda Full Price: $59.99 Steam Sale Price: $29.99

Fallout 4 was released in November of 2015 among much excitement, and polarized reviews. This action role playing game takes place in the future of the United States, where the release of the nuclear bombs caused a post-apocalyptic world. The year is 2287, 210 years after the nuclear war, and it is almost like the 1950's never ended as technology progressed. In Fallout 4, your character is released from Vault 111 in Boston, where either he or she has been frozen for the last 210 years. The game play is truly open-world and non linear, but the main objective is to find your stolen son, Shaun. Remember to drink a lot of Nuka Cola!

8) Rise of the Tomb Raider

Developer: Crystal Dynamics Full Price: $59.99 Steam Sale Price: $38.99

The Rise of the Tomb Raider is another newly released game from the Tomb Raider series. Playstation 4 players wait with baited breath for the game to be released in late 2016, however the game is available now on Steam for a limited sale price. This third person action adventure game follows Lara Croft, as she adventures to battle enemies, solves puzzles, and uses improvised weapons to kick some major a**. The plot of the game is filled with the supernatural, lore, and a long running story about the life of Croft. These games should be a staple in every gaming lovers library.

9) Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Game of the Year Edition)

Developer: Monolith Productions Full Price: $39.99 Steam Sale Price: $9.99

THOU ShALL NOT PASS....up this opportunity to get this game at such a cheap price.

*ba dum...tsssssk*

Seriously, this game is a must have for any Tolkien fans out there. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor takes places in Tolkien's legendarium in an open-world adventure platform. The story takes place after the journey of Bilbo Baggins, but right before the journey of Frodo. You play as Talion, who was murdered by the Black Hand of Sauron, and he and the wraith of the Elf Lord Celebrimbor merge spirits to journey and avenge all that they have lost. This game was in the works for four years to ensure that it was accurate to the world of Tolkien, so it is worth grabbing up a controller for.

10) Rocket League

Developer: Psyonix Full Price: $19.99 Steam Sale Price: $11.99

The world popularity of soccer really shows its true colors with Rocket League. Released on July 7, 2015, Rocket League is a physics based vehicle soccer game. Though it is not yet available for an Xbox One platform, the sales between PlayStation 4 and PC has landed it on many top sellers lists. If you love cars, soccer, and multiplayer platforms, and you've always wanted to see them combined, well this is the perfect game for you. Rev it up, sports fans.

Remember, you only have one more day to get these at a sales price! If you miss this sale, that's okay. The next chance for a Steam sale usually happens around the winter time, however it won't be announced until the last minute. Keep a look out!


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