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As much as I love spending the day alone sinking hours into an epic single player campaign, it is always nice to play a game with friends. So much so that I have slowly began to turn my living room into the ultimate party gaming lounge. I have amassed a variety of games over the years to play with friends while a beer or five is consumed, and below is my list of the ones we love the most, and continue to play time and time again.

Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

An oldy, but a goody, let's start with a classic. Mario Kart has come a long way since it's original release in 1992. I must admit that this is not a game I personally own, being a Crash Team Racing fan myself, however it is one of those games that I end up playing a lot at other peoples houses. Who doesn't love a bit of competitive car racing, particularly when you can pummel each other with stuff! Race up to three others at a time in a series of bright and funky tracks, with something for everyone.

Cost: $50
Players: 1-4
Fun Factor: 7/10

Push Me Pull You (PS4 and PC)

The latest addition to our collection, Push Me Pull You is a couch co-op PS4 game for up to four players. This game is hilarious. In two player, each player controls one snake like human with two heads while in four player, each person controls 1/2 of a snake person. The aim of the game is to take control of a ball and keep it on your side of the court. The result? So many laughs as you try and control this disgusting beast in an attempt to win the ball off your friends.

Cost: $22.45
Players: 2-4
Fun Factor: 8/10

Fibbage (PS3, PS4 and Xbox One)

Fibbage is Jack Box Party game about telling convincing lies. It uses smart phones (which come on now, everybody has) so you don't need to have lots of controllers for people to play. Everyone just pops a room code into their internet browser. This means up to eight people can play at a time - yay! The game will put a statement on the screen, and each player needs to guess the truth, or write a convincing lie. You get points for guessing the right answer, or for writing a lie so good that it tricks other people into thinking that that is the truth! The game is easy to play, and can lead to some very amusing answers.

Cost (game plus basic instrument set): $6.99
Players: 2-8
Fun Factor: 8/10

Rock Band 4 (PS4 and Xbox One)

Deep down, most people desire to be a famous Rock Star. Slaying music and banging bitches. For most of us however, Rock Band is the closest we are going to get. Up to six players can play at a time if you have the required hardware (one drummer, one bassist, one guitarist, and up to three vocalists) with the base package coming with one guitar, one drum set and one microphone. This won't come cheap, but will definitely get a lot of game play should you invest in the purchase.

Cost (game plus basic instrument set): $170
Players: 1-6
Fun Factor: 9/10

Drawful 2 (PS4 and Xbox One)

This is hands down, the most popular game at my house. It is the one that people always ask if we can play, and on many occasion has ended in a room full of people crying in laughter.

Just like Fibbage, Drawful uses smart phones and a website link. Everybody gets given a clue that they then need to draw. People then earn points for people guessing their drawings, or for writing convincing captions for other peoples drawings. Hilarity ensues as people try to decipher others terrible art skills. The best part of this game is that you don't have to be a gamer to be good at it, or enjoy it!

Cost: $17.95
Players: 3-8
Fun Factor: 10/10

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