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"Heroes never die."

A line familiar to any fan of Overwatch, Mercy's Ultimate announcement has been given new life in Blizzard's latest form of tribute to a brave member of their community.

On the Control Center map of Lijiang Tower, the name "宏宇" (Hongyu) has been added to one of the space suits in a recent patch update. The phrase "英雄不朽" (Heroes never die) has also been engraved onto the wall behind the towering figures. The significance is moving.

Blizzard Pays Tribute To Wu Hongyu in Overwatch

Wu Hongyu was a 20-year-old student at Guangdong University of Technology in Guangzhou, China. He was a big fan of video games and superheroes. On May 23rd, one day before the launch of Overwatch, he saw a person stealing one of his classmate's motorcycles, according to the Guangdong New Express Daily.

Wu then get on his own bike and attempted to chase down the thief in an effort to stop him. However, he was critically wounded following a collision between the two vehicles; he died from his injuries in hospital shortly afterward.

The police were eventually able to apprehend the thief, and the government of Guangzhou posthumously gave Wu a "Courageous Citizen" award for his bravery.

Blizzard's official Chinese partner NetEase posted about the memorial, which featured a screenshot of a group chat Wu held with friends shortly before the accident. He shared his excitement with them for the launch of Overwatch the next day.

Here's a brief translation of his last exchange:

  • Hongyu: Hey guys, is anyone else really waiting for the launch tomorrow
  • Friend A: Treasure your life, stay away from drugs :) [This was before the incident and was said as a joke; Equating Overwatch to drugs is apparently widely known and used as a Chinese meme.]
  • Hongyu: Have you guys bought the game? I can't afford the Deluxe edition, so I just got the RMB198 one.

After the tragic incident occurred, his friends replied. One stated, "Safe journey, take care." While another said they would meet again.

The memorial serves as a moving remembrance of a brave young man.


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