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Video game consoles have been jumping around in price for years now, all thanks, naturally, to the ebb and flow of the global economy. So in the current financial state we reside within, you'd be right for thinking the PS4 & Xbox One's prices at launch were pretty high!

But, boy, the prices of modern day video games consoles are nothing compared to their golden age predecessors. It's no surprise no-one I knew had a Neo-Geo or an Atari 2600 lying around gathering dust, you'd probably have to remortgage your household in order to pick one of them up!

It's the wood right?
It's the wood right?

Take Reddit user Auir2blaze who took it upon themselves to calculate the absurd inflation of classic consoles, right up until today. Inflation, by the way, is the calculation of the rising of prices of goods and services over a set amount of time. Which means that the dollar and other global currencies today sit higher than they were a year ago, and so forth.

Right, here we go --

Console Prices Adjusted For Inflation

Second Generation

It seems that back in the day, consoles' pricing rendered them steadfast niches.

Look at the price on the Intellivision! Would you buy a console for almost $1000?

Third, Fourth & Fifth Generations

After the great video games crash of '83, you'd think the majority of companies making consoles would subsidize the prices of their wares somewhat. Well, at least we had Nintendo and SEGA, right?

The only defence for the NeoGeo's pricing is that it had the power of arcade cabinets under its hood, but why 3DO? Why was this widely derided console set at such an astronomical price? Well it was said that the 3DO attempted to herald the coming of realistic 3D graphics on CD-ROM, but due to it having very few games, and Atari and Nintendo were looking to release their Jaguar and the N64 around the same time, many people believed it to not be worth its aggressive worth.

Fifth (Con't), Sixth & Seventh Generations

The SEGA Saturn, with all of its polygonal pleasures, suffered a fate similar to that of the 3DO. Though the console had far better games and an overall better system, it was still trounced in sales by the N64 and PlayStation

There's no denying that consumers were shocked when Sony released the original PS3 for its recommended retail price (RRP), plus it didn't exactly have the best or most original line up of launch titles. But it did have a Blu-Ray player! So it had that going for it. But still the PS3 and Xb360 were utterly battered by Nintendo's glorious little gimmick, the Wii.

Seventh (Con't) & Eighth Generations

And finally, up until the S, Scorpio and Neo release, here we have our modern day purveyors of digital funs. The eighth generation saw consoles released at relatively competitive prices, cause you know... global recession and all. Though strangely, Microsoft, in all of their backtracking glory, decided to release the Xbox One at a boggling $100 more than the PS4. No wonder Sony's flagship has pretty much won this generation!

There we have it, the ever fluctuating pulse of RRP. Did you own a 2600, 3DO or Neo Geo? Do you think any of these consoles were worth their staggering pricing? Sound off below!

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