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Summer Split is past it's halfway point as of week five. Every team has played at least one series against every other team. Week four proved to be a leveling week, leaving the standings pretty well defined. Week five took those standings and shook them up once again. In a week full of surprise victories and several WTF moments, the NA LCS kept us entertained once again.

Key takeaways for this week include two teams that did surprisingly well, two teams that had us facepalming our way through matches, and even more epic power plays.

Out Of The Abyss: TL and P1 Steal The Show

Fabbbyyy speaking with Riot's Phreak
Fabbbyyy speaking with Riot's Phreak

Remember last week when I mentioned that since Fabbbyyy joined the roster of TL, the team has been slowly improving? Well, they ended up shocking us all this week, going 2-0 for the entire weekend! In an intensely entertaining series against C9 and a total steamroll against NV, Team Liquid has much to be proud of at week's end. The team has finally found its synergy and seems to have their ambitions aimed at the top spot.

While TL finding their groove is exciting, nothing could have prepared us for what became the most talked about match of week five: APX vs. P1. In an unbelievable 2-1 victory, P1 earned their wins wholeheartedly. In addition to taking advantage of mistakes their enemy made, they made their own plays and took their well deserved victory with grace. The team seems confident that they can continue to win over the next four weeks. Check out P1's support, Gate, speaking to this in his post-win interview below!

The Struggle Bus: C9 and CLG Have A Rough Week

Poor Jensen (C9).
Poor Jensen (C9).

After an impressive four weeks, Cloud 9 took a major hit in the standings this week with a depressing 0-2 finish. After Sneaky found a bug 20 minutes into game two against TL, the game was remade, technically making it a four game match. In what many would call a match full of tilt, C9 made mistake after mistake and TL made play after play. After that major upset, C9 was crushed by IMT in their next match. With TL doing well in their second match and NV going 1-1, C9 is now locked into a 3-way tie for third seed.

While they didn't suffer as hard as C9 did this week, CLG did take a heavy 0-2 loss to rivals, TSM. These two teams always bring the excitement when they meet, but that wasn't the case this time around. What was expected to be a must-watch match, CLG vs. TSM quickly turned into the "Watch Darshan Die Show", making CLG support, Aphromoo's, "2-0 and get it over with" comment from last week seem embarrassingly ironic. While they won their match against NRG, nothing can really take away the sting of their loss to TSM. The two teams may not face each other again this split, as playoffs would be the only possible way. So for now, CLG must fight to playoffs for a chance at redemption.

What Just Happened?!?: This Week's Epic Plays

Doublelift making jokes after match vs CLG
Doublelift making jokes after match vs CLG

As always, it was difficult to pick just three power plays, but I feel these three as a group do an excellent job of summing up week five:

  • Aphromoo (CLG): In game one against NRG, Aphromoo trapped four members of the enemy team with a Bard ultimate, effectively exacting revenge against NRG for stealing an infernal drake. Check it out here.
  • Zig (P1): P1's top laner picking Gnar wasn't the only surprise he had up his sleeve in game three against APX. In an early base race 15 minutes in, Zig does a wonderful job keeping three members of APX distracted at a tier two turret while his teammates take an APX inhibitor on the other side of the map.
  • Doublelift (TSM): In game two against rival CLG, Doublelift gets into some trouble in the bottom lane and begins to retreat to the safety of his own turrets. CLG's Darshan is a little too hungry for the kill, though. He teleports in at full health and proceeds to chase Doublelift past two turrets. These turrets destroy his health bar and just when you think Doublelift is dead, he turns around and hits Darshan for the kill, surviving with a sliver of health. Check it out below!

Will Week Six Stir Things Up Even More?

Current standings as of week five
Current standings as of week five

The neatly stacked standings of week four are no more. C9, TL, and NV stand tied for third seed. P1 has come out of dead last, tying FOX for ninth seed and CLG continues to hang on in the middle of the pack along with APX.

Week six has a schedule that is sure to keep the ten teams fighting for their right to move on to playoffs. P1 will attempt to earn their second win against FOX, NV and TL get another chance to defeat IMT, and C9 will try to redeem themselves against top seeded TSM.

Be sure to tune in on Twitch or YouTube tomorrow, July 8th, for the commencement of week six at 5pm PST/8pm EST! Follow my page for weekly NA LCS updates, and tell me what your favorite week five moments were in the comments!


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