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Telltale has announced that they hope to fully release their take on Batman by the end of the year.

The game, titled Batman: The Telltale Series, will follow suit from previous Telltale games and be split into five episodes. In an interview with Gamesmaster, Telltale's head of creative communications Job Stauffer stated "we'll have all five episodes before the end of the year." However, Job has since cleared up the comments via Twitter to Gamespot:

We're committed to a solid cadence of great content, but having the best content is priority. We'll work our hardest!

Stauffer also clarified that it wasn't himself who said the game would be fully released by the end of 2016 but in fact it was Richard Iggo, the senior director of marketing.

The game was shown behind closed doors at E3 (though the rest of us were treated some lovely stills from it) and the initial thoughts from numerous outlets, including Gamespot and Kotaku, have been mostly positive. So while we would all love to have this series all out by the years end a quality game would be much preferred over a rushed one. At least this will scratch the Bat-Itch after the 'indefinite' delay of Batman: Return to Arkham.

Batman: The TellTale Series will be released sometime this summer for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, as well as Android and iOS.

Source - Gamespot


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