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After months of anticipation, fans of the highly coveted Red Dead Redemption will finally have one of their biggest wishes come true. Over the past year, we have seen a slew of Xbox 360 be made available on the Xbox One via Backwards compatibility but Red Dead Redemption never received this treatment. After the disappointment of E3 after a lack of Read Dead Redemption 2 news, Rockstar has finally given the fans what they wanted.

Read Dead Redemption Is Coming To Xbox One!

This Friday, July 8th, Xbox One owners will be able to download and play Red Dead Redemption! This is truly exciting news for any fan of this series since most of us have been itching to replay this open-world, western masterpiece since there has been an immense number of rumors circulating around a possible sequel. This is really exciting news and I can't wait to roam the west again! Everything from breaking horses to exploring the mountains are possible, it should be a lot of fun! This news did come as a bit of a surprise however, but does this hint at possible news?

Does This Announcement Mean Red Dead Redemption 2 News Is Coming?

This is an awesome development for Rockstar and is something that could get people super hyped for Read Dead 2. This is exactly what the fans wanted but fans would love to hear some news about the sequel even more. I think this means we could be getting some news for the sequel pretty soon. With rumors going around saying that Read Dead 2 was pulled from E3 for unfortunate reasons, Rockstar seems anxious to spill the beans. Keep a look out going forward because news may be upon us any day now!


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