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We all have seen some stuff of FIFA 17, like the brand new story mode "The Journey".

"The Journey" will give you the opportunity to make decisions on and off the field. Everything you do will give you different directions in the storyline. You can choose any Premier League club and play at every attacking position like ST, LW, RW and CF.

We're also gonna get a new celebration in the game, "The Dab".

But this isn't the most exciting news of FIFA 17, we're also gonna get some good new graphics.

Leonardo Bonucci (29)

CD: 84 (Potential of 84)

Giorgio Chiellini (31)

CD: 87 (Potential of 87)

Gianluigi Buffon (38)

GK: 85 (Potential of 85)

Paulo Dybala (23)

CF: 84 (Potential of 90)

Eden Hazard (25)

LM: 88 (Potential of 91)

Anthony Martial (20)

LW: 80 (Potential of 89)

Marco Reus (27)

LM: 87 (Potential of 89)

James Rodríguez (24)

CAM: 86 (Potential of 92)

Paul Pogba (23)

CM: 89 (Potential of 93)

This isn't much but you can see Marcus Rashford (18) and he looks great.

ST: 73 (Potential of 91)

And of course for the first time ever, managers will be in the game. But only the Premier League managers have been confirmed. We got a little look at 4 of the biggest managers in the game. (Sorry Conte).

José Mourinho (53, Manchester United)

Pep Guardiola (45, Manchester City), Arsene Wenger (66, Arsenal) and Jürgen Klopp (49, Liverpool)

Now when we say this isn't the most exciting news yet. No one will believe us. But it's true. We also got some news about Player Career Mode and Manager Career Mode. It isn't much, but it's something.

"Player Career mode" is set to have 1 training every day. Only not when you have a game to play. You can now also come off the bench. You can choose to simulate till you get on (if you get on) or you can watch till you get on. It's rumored that you can play with the reserve team if you're not selected. It's not sure, but rumors say that U21 national teams are also involved in player career mode.

But something way more exciting about this is, that now any big team will go after you. They can buy you even if you aren't on the transfer list. Contracts will be something new, you can now sign contract wherever you go, and when your contract is about to expire and you don't sign a new deal, you can already speak to other clubs or wait till you become a free agent and then choose a team.

And if that doesn't excite you, then the new type of Game Face will be. You can now look really like yourself and not like a celebrity in Hollywood. You also will be able to have your own hairstyle, beard and eye colour in the game face. It's a lot of work and you better not do anything wrong, because your face can look like Shrek (not green). You need 4 pictures of yourself, and it needs your neck. Pictures of your front face, 2 sides and back. The game will add your own tattoos (neck only). It's an all new plan to have yourself in the game. You will be able to choose a bithday, but it has to be 1998 or 1999.

The new game face will give you your own hairstyle, beard, eye colour, neck tattoo, face tattoo, everything your face and neck has.

While Manager Career Mode will give you a more realistic budget. For example PSG won't have £85.000.000 but more realistically, they won't have the £1.000.000 they probably have. But £200.000.000 to £400.000.000 could be. It's said that Manchester United will have £175.000.000 and Real Madrid £250.000.000. It's not sure if it's real, but career mode is said to go an all new level.

FIFA 17 will give you team trainings. It will give you a bigger chance to make every player better. Players of a higher age won't downgrade by 10 or 5 in a season. They will probably still downgrade if they're in a bad or normal form. But it will be by 1,2 or 3. Not 5 or 10. While they could be in a good form and stay on their level.

It's rumored that the manager career mode will have a U21 team, but they won't be real life players.

More news will be announced soon. FIFA 17 has announced a Juventus trailer, while Manchester United is set to be next. FIFA 17 has announced a new league, but it's said that FIFA has at least 3 new leagues, including the Belgian 1B league.


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