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Every now and then, a video game comes along that really deserves a film adaptation. Some of these games have a story that is just too good to keep from the big screen. Uncharted is one of those games. Fans have been clamoring about the long rumored Uncharted movie and debating over who should play the main character.

That debate and desire for the film heated up again recently when the fourth installation of the popular game series was released, much to the delight of the fans. The game is visually stunning and furthers an already incredible story, but the question remains: who should play Nathan Drake. Look no further, because one of the top choices out there is ready and willing to take the role.

Colin Donnell wants to play Nathan Drake!

Donnell briefly spoke about the potential film and his desire to be a part of it.

“I would do it in a heartbeat,” Donnell said.

A lot of fans have selected Donnell, who has most notably had roles in Arrow and Chicago Med, to play the adventurous Drake. While he may not have the experience in over the top action movies, he certainly looks the part! There is no doubt that Donnell bares a striking resemblance to Drake.

The most important trait Donnell brings to the table though is that he’s a big fan of the games. Everyone knows an actor can truly put forth their best performance when they’re working on a passion project and that is exactly what this would be for Donnell.

“I’ve played all of them except the new one. I’ve been replaying the first three. They’re beautiful,” Donnell said. “I haven’t gotten a chance to play the new one because my playstation is in Chicago and we’ve been [in New Jersey].”

It’s clear that Donnell will play the fourth game soon and when he does, that desire to play Drake will only grow stronger. The game served as a perfect next step in the story, and (SPOILER!) potentially even a conclusion.

Unfortunately though, despite the massive popularity of the game franchise and the obvious interest a movie, nothing seems to be happening just yet. There have been some moving parts in the past and even some rumors of castings. Still though, we don’t have any solid answers as to just how this movie will come together.

I don’t know anything about it,” Donnell said. “I wish I could say I had more pull in those situations but I don’t.”

Whether or not Donnell has any say in how or when (or if) this movie is made, a lot of people would certainly love to see him star in it. He’s just going to have to find Captain Avery’s long lost treasure first.



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