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Whether we're seeing 1,500 people work on a single project for 5 years or generally suffering from the addiction ourselves, Minecraft is a game that presents seemingly endless possibilities. Who knew you could accomplish so much with a few blocks?

Players are continuously trying to one-up each other when it comes to innovative creations in Minecraft and one such gamer, who goes by the name of 'Requag,' just combined our love of Pokemon and a shed ton of blocks in a remarkable way.

Pokemon Running On A Game Boy Advance In Minecraft Is Upsettingly Impressive

Entirely fan-made over the course of three weeks, this was made possible thanks to Minecraft's latest update, 1.10, which Requag said "brought some very interesting blocks." With these new capabilities, Requag utilized the third-party tool Spritecraft to translate Pokemon's pixel art and sprites into Minecraft's signature blocks.

Essentially, Requag has created a machine within Minecraft that plays Pokemon Fire Red in a very basic way. It's rudimentary at the moment, but nonetheless impressive. It's not the entire game, it's missing combat and dialogue for example, but the creator has assured us that this will "always be in progress."

How It Works

In Minecraft's latest update a new kind of block was introduced, called a Structure block; one of these blocks can store and recall a bunch of normal blocks. The creator's concept above revolves around the idea of layering these Structure blocks in such a way that they become tiles, but in order to control Structure blocks you need to use a Command block.

The Structure blocks needed to create the Game Boy.
The Structure blocks needed to create the Game Boy.
Painstaking detail.
Painstaking detail.

Using a bit of complex logic and lots of mining, Requag had the Command blocks figure out which Structure blocks (now tiles) to activate based on where the actual player was stepping. This is why you get that transition fade over the image every time the Game Boy sprite moves; he's moving onto a different tile which has a new part of the town to draw for the player to see.

Conceptually, this can be a bit hard to wrap your head around. But if you're really interested in the tech behind something like this, here's a great video explaining the use of Structure blocks.

Keep in mind that Pokemon in Minecraft does not require modding, and you can actually download it from Planet Minecraft right here! It also has a level editor installed so that players can create their own favorite parts of Pokemon Red. Just make sure you're using Minecraft 1.10.

In terms of where this project is going, the creator said that he'd like to make a fully functional version of Pokemon Red that Minecraft players can actually play in-game.

So what do you think? Impressed?

What's your favorite Minecraft creation?


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