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Minecraft has become a large canvas for dedicated gamers/builders to come up with some magnificent creations. Some people have gone on to replicate other areas in games, erect statues of themselves or others, build their own amusement parks, etc. They never fail to impress me and others. So prepare to have your socks blown off once more because YouTuber Reqaug went ahead and made a functional game of Pokemon inside the world of Minecraft. Check it out below!

Now that you're probably done picking up your socks from the floor, let's continue.

As we saw from the video, the things that went into this masterpiece were the new blocks from the 1.10 update, the redstone programming blocks, texture mods based off of Pokemon, and a large amount of time and effort.

The scale on this is quite impressive. Not only are there literally hundreds of blocks used to help display the image, but I don't think I have ever seen redstone being used to render a makeshift emulator inside the world of Minecraft.

Unfortunately there are two downsides for people who want to try it out. The first as shown in the video is that the frame-rate is incredibly slow, and you shouldn't expect to get around very quickly. Which seems like a reasonable trade-off when creating something this massive. The second (and probably most disappointing) is that it does not feature actual battles against other Pokemon and trainers. So if you were hoping to "catch 'em all!", you're out of luck. I will probably download it just to gawk at how awesome of a job this person did. If you wish to do the same, you can download it at Planet Minecraft.


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