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It wouldn't be a stretch to claim that Pokémon GO, which is an augmented reality game made for your smartphone, is the most anticipated game (mobile or otherwise) of 2016. And it's officially been listed on the Play Store and App Store for iOS and Android, depending on which country you're in.

To see if you can check it out early, click here for Android, and here for iOS.

Produced by Nintendo and developed by Niantic Labs, Pokémon GO lets you train, capture, and battle using your own Pokémon in real places around the world, using location-based technology and the camera in your smartphone. The free app will have microtransactions for its full set of features, ranging anywhere from $0.99 to $159.99, and you can even buy a wrist device, Pokémon GO Plus, for $34.99 that lets you play the game without having to look at your smartphone.

Strangely, Nintendo has not yet announced the game's release date (though it's been teased to drop sometime in July), which makes this unofficial listing all the more interesting as it continues to pop up in more countries around the world.

Though you can view the listings early, the app is not yet compatible with most Android devices, especially if you're in the U.S. But some other countries, like Australia and Indonesia, are already reporting users enjoying an early version of the game.

Here are some early fan reviews:

Amazing, but a couple of notes - Link 5

This game has been highly anticipated and for good reason but there's a couple downfalls, not to do with the gameplay but with compatibility. You guys as Niantic, The Pokémon company, Nintendo etc. have done a great job at the game I assume tried your absolute hardest but it would be a lot nicer if it was a little more compatible with tablets (Yes I have read the descriptions) and you guys probably know the reason (GPS, location). And maybe you should consider bringing it to other stores I.e Windows Phone just to ensure that everyone gets the experience that is Pokémon GO.

This is fantastic!! - SakuraBellTunes

This is great! I woke up today seeing pictures my friends had taken from the game. The only thing I wish is that it could be compatible with older iphones which are below iOS 8, but I'm still using it on my iPad. Another issue I have is that I'm getting "GPS not found" after a while of running the app, if there is a way to fix this please tell me or fix the issue soon.

To be the very best... - GOSashaGO

" no app ever was."
Truly this is an app worthy of praise. Sure it may be no legendary pokemon, and its glitches are hardly as rare as a shiny, but like the pixelated, nostalgiac games of our childhood- this is one of the best apps to recreate what we all love.

If you've had a chance to check out Pokémon GO, let us know what you think about the game in the comments!


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