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Earlier this year the League of Legends Midsummer Magic revamp patch hit and upended the Season 6 midlane game in a huge way. Some tried-and-true champions survived in the best performing list, while others long-forgotten shot to the top with their reworked ability kits. All of them are ripping it up in a big way in the hands of skilled players who are leaning the ins and outs of their favorite champ.

We've compiled this list from which pulls its data from Riot's API. It's current from the week this article is published and likely to shift as new patches tweak the balance of the meta. With that said, let's dive in.

1. Malzahar

The top beneficiary of some massive buffs from the Midsummer Magic revamp, Malzahar has been tearing up both the midlane and the top lane. AE silence, zoning pressure, a swarm of voidlings, and his dreaded suppression ultimate has him pushing his lane relentlessly. Enjoy him while he can as I suspect he will get nerfed back a bit in a future patch.

2. Annie

The terror child remains a force to be reckoned with in the midlane after all this time. With her stun, waveclear, and, of course, Tibbers, she burns down the lane with scary efficiency. Her true strength though is she's fairly simple to play. No complicated combos or layered ability setups. Point, shoot, and watch your enemies flee before you as you merrily skip to victory.

3. Anivia

Anivia's burst damage is insane since the Midsummer Magic patch, you just have to keep an eye on her mana. With her stun, slow, and combos she is the bane of any mage she is facing off against in the midlane. She does require some skill to master and as I mentioned above, you have to manage her mana or you'll find yourself without the power to land the devastating damage she's become known for.

4. Morgana

With her 3 second root, her massive wave clear, a shield to survive ganks, and an ultimate that can stun unwary opponents, Morgana is dominating the midlane. On top of that, her passive gives her health based on spell damage giving her great sustain. She's another great pick for those looking for a simple champion with plenty of power and a high win rate.

5. Vel'koz

Vel'koz is in many ways a classic mage. Tons of damage, no escapes, and highly dependent on the skill of the player. But in the hands of the right player, he's a beast. Since most of his abilities are skill shots, be careful against opponents that have easy dodge skills. But those same skill shots make for great poke opportunities and unmatched waveclear.

6. Taliyah

This new champion is slowly gaining in popularity as players are beginning to see her potential at keeping enemies at bay with Unraveled Earth and Seismic Shove as well as her poke with Threaded Volley. And then there's her mapwide gank potential with her Weaver's Wall ultimate. Don't underestimate this mage, she's growing into her own and proving she can control the midlane with the best of them.

7. Gangplank

The Saltwater Scourge continues to plunder the midlane with his Powder Kegs for zoning enemies, crowd control removal, and global AE barrage of cannon fire. Use his ultimate early on for wave clear, but save it later to help out teammates across the map as needed.

8. Ahri

The Nine-tailed Fox has many unique abilities but it's her Charm that her enemies dread the most. Combine that with her Spirit Rush ultimate and there isn't much to do but die. Add to that a passive that gives her health sustain, solid waveclear, and an ultimate that makes her pretty much ungankable with its built-in dash and you got a midlane mage at the top of her game.

9. Galio

A solid, yet not very popular champion, Galio is one of the few tank mages in the game. What makes him dangerous is his passive which converts magic resistance into ability power. So the more resistant he becomes to spells through item stacking, the more he fuels his own damaging abilities, making him a natural predator to the mages he'll be facing in the midlane.

10. Karthus

This undead mage likes to get up close in combat unlike other many other midlaners due to his swirling damage aura ability. But he has many more tricks. A wall that slows and provides vision. An ultimate that damages every opponent on the map no matter where they are at the moment it goes off. And a passive that allows him to continue to do damage after he dies.

11. Brand

Another winner in the Midsummer Magic revamp, Brand has seen a resurgence in popularity. Not only does he set everything on fire, but by doing so he can activate additional abilities including stunning, slowing, and, spreading damage. And every time he hits a champion, he stacks damage that eats away their health over time up to 8% of their maximum health over 4 seconds and then explode for AE damage. Devastating on HP tanks in team fights.

12. Aurelion Sol

This newish champion has great map presence with his Velocity, a dreaded stun, constant damage with his orbiting stars, and the ability to slow champion attacks for 4 seconds with his ultimate. What can't he do? Hide in the bushes. His orbiting stars will always give him away.

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