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Sanrio recently announced that they will be releasing in the fall a romance game on iOS and Andriod called Sanrio Danshi ~Watashi, Koi o, Shirimashita.~ . The game, based on the Sanrio Danshi project, allows players to date their favorite Sanrio Boy.

In the game, a player is able to select a boyfriend from a pool of five cute guys and can reach two types of endings. Players and their boyfriends will also be able to express their Sanrio love with couple-coordinated outfits and decorative rooms.

As of right now, the website is promoting a campaign where prospective players who preregister will be able to receive in-game gifts.

If you don't know who the Sanrio Boys are, they are a group of high school boys who all share a love for the adorable Sanrio characters.

Here's a list of the cast:

Kōta Hasegawa, who loves Pom Pom Purin

Ryō Nishimiya, who loves Little Twin Stars

Seiichiro Minamoto, who loves Cinnamoroll

Shunsuke Yoshino, who loves Hello Kitty

Yū Mizuno, who loves My Melody

There's also a video introducing the voice actors of each character, which was released last May.

Now, we can all finally express our love for Hello Kitty and the other Sanrio characters with a special someone.

Don't see your favorite Sanrio character on the list? Which Sanrio character would you like to see paired up with a Sanrio Boy?

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