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It's a fair question, right? With all of the excitement surrounding Pokemon GO's release, there may be a number of trainers who will be slapped with the glove of disappointment as their Android and iOS devices may not be able to run the thing!

Pokémon and smartphones aren't too dissimilar, seeing as they're constantly evolving! So, to ensure hearts aren't busted by a lack of 'mons, here's a handy little look at the recommended specs for catching 'em all on your smart phone.

Can Your Phone Run Pokémon GO?

iOS devices

You must have...

  • iPhone 5 or above
  • iOS 8 or above
  • Good internet connection (WiFi and 4G/LTE is preferable)
  • GPS & location services switched on

Unsurprisingly, Pokémon GO will not work with jailbroken devices, so keep that in mind!

Android devices

You must have...

  • Android 4.4 to Android 6.0.1(Android N will not supported until the official Android release)
  • Preferred resolution of 720x1280 pixels (Not optimized for tablet)
  • Good internet connection and GPS/location services switched on

And, surprisingly, any devices with an Intel CPU will not be supported!

Does your device support these specs? Well happy hunting! if not, I'd advise you be nice to your siblings and parents, and Christmas is coming soon?

[Source: Niantic Labs]


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