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Pokémon GO is now officially available for download and on the whole people are having a (Poké) ball! But as you would expect with any new game, especially one as ambitious as this, there are a few teething problems to work through.

Developer Niantic Labs is already working with the community to put these issues straight. So far, many of the issues reported are minor and easily fixed. Some may take a little time to correct but rest assured the team are hard at work addressing all your bugs, glitches and faults.

We have pooled together all the known issues experienced so far and have provided as many fixes as possible. This article should go a long way in fixing any and all Pokémon GO related issues you may have.

Pokémon GO known bugs and fixes

Note: Niantic Labs are aware that Pokémon GO does zap your phone battery exponentially quickly – this and the distorted audio problem have already been addressed and will hopefully be resolved soon. "We are working on a solution."

  • ‘You already own this item’ (Android only)

Fix: This can occur if your device loses internet connection during the purchase transaction. Power off and restart your device to fix this issue.

  • Drifting or jittery GPS location

Fix: Ensure location/GPS enabled and set to high-accuracy mode.

Go to Settings > Location > Mode > High Accuracy – Android

iphones should be running on High accuracy as default

We're constantly working to improve GPS accuracy and stability. In general, GPS accuracy largely depends on the device you're using and your signal/connection strength.

  • Progress temporarily resets to Level 1

This can occur when trainers inadvertently create 2 Pokémon GO accounts. This is a common error when using Google. One account created via Pokémon Trainer Club and one via Google.

If you create an account with one login method and later attempt to use the other login method, a second account is created.

Fix: Logout of your Pokémon GO account via ‘Settings’, then log back in via your original login method.

  • ‘This item is not available in your country’

Fix: Go to ‘Google Wallet’ and ensure that your address settings are set to the correct country.

If this is all in order, contact the Google Play support team, they should be able to remedy this issue with relative ease.

  • Servers down?

Fix: This is to be expected to happen as Pokémon GO is launched in more and more countries. The service needs to calibrate itself. These are just teething problems and the service will be more stable as we move forward. If you lose connection to the server, just be patient, connectivity will return.

  • Is Your Smartphone Compatible With 'Pokémon GO'?

Pokémon and smartphones aren't too dissimilar, seeing as they're constantly evolving - check out our full smart phone compatibility list.

If you experience anymore issues that are not listed above – you can report it here.

  • Stay safe and catch 'em all - Police warning

Emergency services are warning all Pokemon GO players to take care and to be vigilant when playing the game. Remember you are exploring a living world. Cars can still hurt even when playing in Augmented reality.

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[Source: Niantic Labs]


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