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An individual on Reddit who goes by the name Porosareus may be the first person to have suffered from a Pokémon GO-related injury.

He shared his story yesterday on the popular forum and it quickly went viral.

"...Around half an hour ago I decided to leave my house and skate around my suburb to see if I could catch any interesting Pokémon, or gain some cool items. About 5 minutes into skating slowly down the footpath my board is blocked by an uneven surface and I go flying across it with my phone. More worried about making a painful landing, I let go off my phone and try to cushion the landing with my hands, but because my reaction time is just as fast as a sloths, my face planted the same time my hands reached the pavement. My phone was also thrown directly into the ground, which cracked the screen..."

He was immediately chastised by his fellow Redditors for not following the one basic piece of advice on the Pokémon GO loading screen:

"Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings."

Something tells me this won't be the only, or last, injury related to this new game.

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