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Video games are full of tough decisions, before you even start some games you are forced to make difficult decisions. Like what name to give your avatar or what race you want your character to be. These decisions and others like it all form part of the agonizing world of the modern game.

With countless hours spent starring blankly at video game screens totally unable to make the right decision, I felt it about time to share with you six of the hardest choices I have ever had to make in video games (that usually turn out to be the wrong decision).

6. Choosing a starter Pokémon

Choosing which Pokémon to start your game with is a lot harder than you think. We spend hours agonizing over which Pokémon to take under our wing and for what? We have to catch ‘em all anyway right? There is no right or wrong choice but man is this one of the hardest decisions ever. Now, we have Pokemon GO to contend with - who to hunt for first!?

5. Red Dead Redemption – Bigfoot

Remember in the Nightmare DLC when that crazy woodsman flags us down and sends us off after the monstrous baby-eating Sasquatch? Of course, you do – we spend about an hour riding around the woods massacring the indigenous Bigfoot population only to find out that they do not eat babies at all – they eat berries and mushrooms you fool.

So, we are sat there watching helplessly as the last remaining Bigfoot cries his eyes out because you have slaughtered his entire family (and species). You then have to decide knowing that he is actually quite lovely, whether or not to put him down too. If you let him live, he has to live a life of misery and solitude but now you know he’s innocent can you kill him?

I wonder if Red Dead Redemption 2 (3) will have more of these soul crushing moments?

4. Mass Effect 3 - Master Race

The power to wipe out an entire civilisation is a power no man wants or should be able to access but in Mass Effect 3 you may just have to do just that. What makes it worse is that you actually get along with both and even develop personal relationships with certain squad members from both.

I say, ‘may’ because if you play the game a certain way you will be fortunate enough not to have to make that decision, of course, I made a lot of mistakes meaning I had to choose. A takes a real man to cry right?

Trust me it is incredibly hard to choose between Legion and Tali. So many painful memories.

3. Metal Gear Solid – Torture

In Metal Gear Solid 1 there is a scene where you are being tortured for information. Now, this scene is tough in two ways – if you talk then Meryl dies but if you do not talk – well, it hurts like hell. The scene was physically painful. In order to withstand the torture and keep Meryl alive you had to button bash.

This all sounds easy enough but as time goes on and the fatigue sets in you actually begin to ask yourself whether she is worth the pain. It is a decision that actually affects you physically, it’s genius.

2. Spec Ops: The Line - Soldier or Civilian?

The entire game is full of ridiculous choices, fortunately you, as the player, do not have to make many – apart from the choice between two innocent prisoners. This is of course if you choose not to bypass this decision by taking on the entire world in a futile and overwhelmingly dull campaign.

Whatever decision you make here is the wrong one (as with all of my life choices), no matter which one you kill, Adams holds the decision against you and the game gives you a ‘Damned if you do’ achievement (nice touch), if you, instead choose to take out the oppressors, then Konrad brands you as a renegade and tells the world that you are insubordinate. If you choose this option the game gives you a ‘Damned if you don’t achievement (another nice touch).

1. Bioshock - Harvest or save

To be big and powerful or kind of average but a nice guy. This is basically the question that Bioshock asks you at the beginning of the game. This choice comes in the form of little girls (sisters) – you can either save them of harvest them. Sounds kind of stupid as it is just a game but it is still hard to kill off a little girl, even in a game.

If you do decide to take them out you are rewarded with a lot more power a lot quicker but if you decide not to kill them and be more altruistic you will eventually get what you need but it takes longer. Basically being evil make the game a lot easier – but the easy way out does have consequences.

What was your hardest decision in gaming?


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