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Blizzard's Play of the Game is a flawed a system. It disproportionally rewards kills, bullsh&%$ and dead dwarves with well-placed turrets. But every so often the algorithm gets it so very right. After dozens of hours grappling with Overwatch and its beautiful frustrations, I've seen some spectacular demonstrations of skill and timing. But these; these Play of the Games have to be my favorites.

Play of the Game: X Crazy Overwatch Gifs You're Bound to Appreciate


1. "I must regain my honor..."

I thank Blizzard every day for allowing Ultimate lines to be interrupted by the screams of death. RYUU GA WAGA TEKI AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

2. "Check me out"

...Was this really necessary? I mean, that was a damn well placed bomb...butt...

3. "Welcome to the Apocalypse"


4. How to get your Ultimate in the first 10 seconds...

That bridge is a dangerous place.

5. Ride of the Reaper

Surfs up!

6. "My warrior spirit burns..."

Dashing, Genji. Simply dashing.

7. "Well that just happened..."

Guess I should stop trying to play as Tracer anymore...

8. Just stop trying, Junkrat!

He really hated that dwarf!

9. 6 McCrees' You Say?

What time is now, McCree!

10. "Let's see you get past this."

Ice shooting, Mei.

11. Mei of the Game...

Thanks for the lift, kid.

12. Typical Hanzo player...

Do you even aim, Hanzo?

13. Well, at least he's sorry

Even though he probably isn't.

14. Wow, that German engineering

He may be old, but Reinhardt knows he still got it.

15. Open season

Thank you for killing all the Junkrats. I hate them so much.

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What's your favorite Play of the Game?


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