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A whole lot of players have a preference for playing with arcade sticks, especially with popular series of fighting games such as Street Fighter. Sure, there's been a few custom/fan made ones for Super Smash Bros, but here's something new.

Hitbox is making the Smash Box, an arcade stick soon to be put on Kickstarter and will hopefully be manufactured for purchase in the near future. They have released a video, showing footage of how the Smash Box will work and how it will function during gameplay, and I have to say, it looks incredible.

For players of Melee, especially competitive players, this could be totally game changing. The Smash Box looks to offer a complex yet much more accessible gameplay style. According to Hitbox's website, it is "fast, precise, and gives surgical control over your character". It will also give players "56 perfect analog angles (wave dash/shield drop), and full tilt control".

(Hitbox - Smash Box)
(Hitbox - Smash Box)

If this gets enough funding via Kickstarter (there's no doubt it will), we could see a whole load of new players joining the Melee community in years to come. Definitely something exciting to look forward to for any SSBM fan.


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