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Okay, before you take offense to the title of this article, a meme is essentially an Internet joke, and a joke isn't always a bad thing. In fact, a joke is a good thing, right? It makes you laugh, smile, and generally feel pretty good. So Pokémon GO, is gradually being made into a joke.

I think, with apps such as Pokémon GO, you've really gotta take them as a lighthearted gimmick and just have a bit of fun with them. Of course they're going to crash, glitch, and just straight up not work on the odd occasion. Sure, the servers will go down now and then, but try to remember that this piece of technology is still evolving day by day. You've just gotta be patient with it. Fans have demanded a service like this for so long, that it's going to come with it's flaws.

In the mean time, there's so much to enjoy about the app, such as all the brilliant memes being created from it.

The parody Twitter account @RealShigeruM has been one of the most active in jumping on the bandwagon, by posting an endless amount of screenshots from the long-awaited Pokémon GO. I'm sure there will be so many more to come, but these are really worth a look.

Some crazy stories have already come up about people wandering into police stations to locate new Pokémon, and some have even reported having Pokémon GO related injuries. There will be many more insane stories coming up about it, and I'm almost certain we'll hear about someone trying to sue Nintendo for some accident related to GO. The stories coming out about the app are some of my favorite parts of it right now, and with that, so are the jokes surrounding it.

You have to give it to the users for their creativity so far- some of these really are pretty funny. I'm surprised we haven't seen a Drowzee eating someone's dreams, or a Jigglypuff singing a group of people to sleep yet. Each Pokémon is very unique, and it gives users a lot of room to do what they'd like with the app. There'll be a whole load of water types in toilets, and fire types in ovens, for sure, so try to have a bit of an open mind when it comes to making your own jokes about it!

Hopefully this app will end up being totally game-changing, and who knows? Nintendo may even add a feature to port the Pokémon you catch in GO into your games (someone seriously needs to make this happen). But, if all goes wrong and this app does end up a failure, at least we got a few great memes out of it.

If you've found any funny posts about Pokémon GO you'd like to share, leave a link in the comments!


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