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2016 is the year of Pokemon fever! First there was the epic Tekken-style tournament brawler Pokken Tournament in March, and just recently, we've been able to capture Pokemon in our own hometown thanks to Pokemon GO!

The next step in our Pokemon adventures this year comes in November, with the simultaneous release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon! These two new chapters in the main Pokemon franchise take players to the Aloha region (the Pokemon world's Hawaii), in search of new Pokemon to capture and train. Check out some of the new Pokemon of Sun and Moon in action below!

One of these Pokemon is a very senile looking dragon by the name of Drampa. An odd name at first, until you realize that it sounds an awful lot like a mix of the words "Dragon" and "Grandpa". That's because it is. Can you guess why?

Yep, he is literally a DRAGON GRANDPA. This Falkor clone has already captured my heart before I could capture him thanks to his phenomenally punny moniker, and he's not the only one.

To get prepared for Pokemon Sun and Moon, here's are some particularly clever/punny Pokemon names, featuring Pokemon from Sun, Moon, and other installments in the franchise!


First appearance - Pokemon Sun/Moon

This adorable little bug/fairy type's name isn't hard to figure out, it's literally just a cute fly. This effectively makes it the only bug I wouldn't try to murder with a fly swatter if it were to land near my proximity.

Pun Level: Absolutely pun-dorable!


First appearance - Pokemon Red/Green/Blue

Squirtle, one of the original starters, gets his name from the fact that he's a "squirting turtle". It also may have something to do with his squirrel-like tail ("squirrel turtle").

Pun Level: The OG Pun-Pokemon!

Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan

First appearance - Pokemon Red/Green/Blue/

These two martial artist Pokemon are based on two real-life masters of martial arts, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Only in spirit though, as I'm fairly certain they don't share any physical similarities. At least I hope not...

Pun Level - Fists of Fire (and puns)!


First appearance - Pokemon Red/Green/Blue

It's just "snake" backwards. Really, that's it. There's not much else to say.

Pun Level: elpmiS


First appearance - Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Do NOT trust this guy, his name is comprised of the words "pseudo" (liar) and "wood". Do you know why? Because despite his appearance, he is a rock type Pokemon! Clearly the biggest betrayal of my childhood...

Pun Level: Et tu, Sudo?

Popplio, Litten, and Rowlet (The New Starters)

First appearance - Pokemon Sun/Moon

The new starters from Pokemon Sun and Moon all have hilariously punny names! Rowlet (left) is a mix of the words "round" and "owlet", the term for a young owl. Litten (middle) is combination of the words "lit" (it's a fire-type), "little", and "kitten". Finally, Popplio gets his name from the word "pup" (as in a baby sea lion), and the Hawaiian phrases "popo" (ball) and "ʻīlio-holo-i-ka-uaua". meaning "dog that runs through rough water".

He's also a precious ball of wonder and awesomeness and we truly don't deserve him.

Pun Level: The Three Punsketeers


First appearance - Pokemon Sun/Moon

Charjabug is an electric bug-type Pokemon whose name is a mix of charger and bug. In my opinion, they should have called him CharjaBUS! Because...because he looks like a means of transportation...sorry.

Pun Level - Chargin' up mah puns!


First appearance - Pokemon Red/Green/Blue

Ditto can transform into anything it sees, hence the name...Ditto.

Pun Level: Same here


First appearance - Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Mareep's name is extremely clever, as it is a mix of the name "Mary" and the word "Sheep", referencing the old nursery rhyme, "Mary Had a Little Lamb"!

Pun Level - Puns: Nursery Rhyme Edition!

Deino, Zweilious, and Hydreigon

First appearance - Pokemon Black/White

You're going to need to know a little bit of German notice the puns found in this Pokemon and his evolved shape's names (or just have Google)! Deino is a mix of the word "dino" and the German number one, "ein". Zweilious is a mix of the German number two, "zwei", and the word "jealous", referencing the two-headed Pokemon's jealous nature.

Finally, we have Hydreigon, whose name is a mix of the word "hydra" (as in multiple heads), the German number three, "drei" and the word "dragon". No word on if he's on the run from Captain America or not!

Pun Level: The cleverest of math puns!

Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres

First appearance - Pokemon Red/Green/Blue

While we're on the subject of number-themed puns, I can't forget to mention the three original Legendary Pokemon! Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres all have names that reference their type, while also including a number in Spanish.

Articuno is comprised of the words "arctic" (ice) and "uno" (one), Zapdos is comprised of "zap" and "dos" (two), and Moltres comes from "molten" (lava) and "tres" (three).

Pun Level: A pun of elemental proportions!


First appearance - Pokemon Black/White


Pun Level - Literally painful

Welp, that's it for now; we've gotten through some insanely pun-filled names and learned one important lesson; the Pokemon developers have no limit to their creativity!

There are still a ton of Pokemon out there with cleverly punny names, so while you're waiting for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon to come out, why not go try to find them all!

Thanks For Reading! What Punny Pokemon Name Is Your Favorite?


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