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Updated for Patch 7.5

Season 7 of League of Legends is chugging along and the best of the best of the ADCs is shaking out. We have some oldies but goodies like Miss Fortune, Ashe, and Caitlyn as well as some newer faces like Jhin and the ever competitive Sivir. We curated this list in part from, which pulls their rankings from Riot's API.

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1. Jhin

The Virtuoso assassin is at the top of the ADC charts with his clever use of lotus traps, relentless poke, and of course his long range ultimate which can rarely be avoided. Even players that can stop ranged attacks like Yasou and Bram are no match for Jhin as their defense abilities only last for a few seconds while his deadly ultimate rings out shots for 8 full seconds.

2. Miss Fortune

For a high damage champion one of her biggest assets is her ability to keep the opposing ADC from growing powerful. With her Double Tap ability she can poke and poke and poke, keeping them from getting valuable experience and gold from minion kills while gaining exactly that for herself. Then the rest is bullets from the sky and tears on the ground.

3. Kog'Maw

With his slow and his long range barrage he absolutely destroys tanks, but this void beast is very squishy and his lack of escape makes him an easy target. So positioning is key and staying behind his own tank will keep him alive long enough to kill from afar again and again.

4. Jinx

Slows, roots, waveclear, map wide AOE damage, Jinx gets the job done. Sure she's got paper thin health, but good luck catching her. The good Jinx players are very, very good and that keeps her near the top of the ADC charts patch after patch.

5. Caitlyn

Not just a sharp shot, great Caitlyn players are working her traps and slowing net to turn the tide of team fights in their favor. Add to that her Piltover Peacemaker skillshot and Ace in the Hole ultimate to take down fleeing opponents and this longtime favorite keeps delivering the kills.

6. Ezreal

Poke and mobility are the hallmarks that keep Ezreal at the top of his game. He can take down the entire enemy team given enough time and distance. Just remember to save Arcane Shift as an escape for when the other side comes gunning for some payback.

7. Twitch

Stacking poison with every hit and then triggering massive bursts of damage based on those stacks with his Expunge skill makes Twitch a formidable foe. The fact that he can initiate out of stealth makes him even scarier. Just be careful as he, like many ADC champions, have few escape options if he is caught out of position and can't kill his opponents quick enough.

8. Ashe

The true beauty of Ashe is the simplicity of her play. She does alot of damage and slows her opponents at the same time. Her abilities increase her rate of damage, shoot arrows in a cone, and lay out one massive shot with a stun. Simple and deadly.

9. Lucian

Another ADC that excels at poke and mobility, Lucian combos his skills with his passive to trigger extra shots that whittle down his opponents. And then there's his ultimate, The Culling, which often sends the other team scurrying to get out of the way when they see it coming.

10. Sivir

Sivir sees a lot of play among the pros not only for the long range on her attacks, but for the usefulness of her ultimate. On the Hunt grants her nearby allies a movement speed boost that can save them or initiate a team fight out of nowhere. Both of those scenarios can turn an entire game around.

11. Varus

Slows, roots, ranged damage, ranged AOE damage, stacking debuffs that detonate for more damage, Varus pours it on thick. He is also very good at taking down the enemy ADC due to the long range of his Piercing Arrow ability. He can be quite the menace to the unwary enemy team.

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