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Nintendo's favorite ape celebrates his 35th Birthday on July 9. To celebrate, here are the best Donkey Kong moments in gaming, from the great ape himself, and games in which he has appeared.

1. Completing The Original Donkey Kong

The original Donkey Kong arcade game is notable for a few reasons, being the first video game to have a storyline, albeit a simple one, and also for being the first game to feature Mario, then named Jumpman.

Many gamers throughout the 80s will have fond memories of the satisfaction of completing this game for the first time.

2. Riding An Animal For The First Time In Donkey Kong Country.

The first game in a series that continues releasing new games even Today, Donkey Kong Country was the highest selling game on the Super Nintendo, and the first game to feature Donkey's nephew, Diddy Kong. It has been re-released five times, for the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, both the Wii and Wii U Virtual consoles, and most recently, The Nintendo 3DS.

Anyone who has played Donkey Kong Country or its sequels will remember the first time they busted open a barrel to find Rambi The Rhino, Expresso The Ostrich, or another animal helper, ready to give them a lift through part of the level. Very cool.

3. Ramming Your Friends in Mario Kart 64

As one of only three designated heavyweight characters in Mario Kart 64, (The other two being Bowser and Wario), anyone choosing to play as D.K was blessed with the ability to send any smaller racers spinning right off the track if they were to collide with them.

Awesome.. if you were D.K, that is.

4. The D.K Rap

The D.K Rap, played over the intro sequence of Donkey Kong 64, introduced players to the extended Kong Family, all playable characters in the game.

While the song is so very bad, it is great for nostalgia.

5. Giant Donkey Kong In Super Smash Bros.

I can almost guarantee that every kid had a little 'pee your pants' moment when Giant Donkey Kong appeared on their first play through of Super Smash Bros. Single Player Mode.

Just avoid his hands, and you'll probably be fine.

6. Donkey Kong Saving Diddy Kong In The Subspace Emissary

Many a gamer let out an audible gasp of horror when Donkey Kong is transformed into a trophy after saving his beloved nephew, Diddy Kong, from Bowser in the fourth stage of Super Smash Bros: Brawl's much hyped Story Mode, The Subspace Emissary.

Don't be too worried. You save him later in the game.

Happy Birthday, Donkey Kong! What is your favorite D.K Moment?


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