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Pokémon GO is now an actual thing, the hotly anticipated augmented reality game has officially made its way to the App store and Google Play. As you might expect, the release of such a highly anticipated game has the world whipped up into a Pokémon hunting frenzy. The hunt is on, but it seems that many of you enthusiastic trainers out there are not on the hunt for Pokémon, but for someone else.

There's a new professor in town

Who is Professor Willow? The latest professor in Pokemon GO is melting hearts as well as the internet.

If you have already downloaded Pokémon GO you will notice that when you start the game you are welcomed by an unfamiliar face. Who is this young, not so unattractive professor that welcomes you to the game?

The poke-crush is real

Just over 24 hours into release and the internet is a blaze with love letters, memes and fan art directed toward our new professor. No one is really sure who this new character is just yet but the community is desperate to find out.

Professor Willow Is The Internet's Latest Obsession, from Tumblr to Twitter the obsession has only grown stronger. This rugged chap is likely to be the face of the next generation of Pokemon and it seems that the fans are very happy to let this happen.

The professors in Pokémon are all named after trees, the most famous of which is professor Oak. They range from the mildly amusing to the wildly bemusing (Birch I am looking at you). This new professor, however, is looking like he could take professor Oak's place at the top of the pile.

What is a Pokémon professor for anyway?

Pokémon professors are skilled experts that know pretty much everything there is to know about Pokémon. Each professor majors in a specific area of the Pokémon world and their research will reflect this.

For example, professor Oak studies the relationship between Pokémon and humans and is kind of iconic when it comes to first generation, not to mention being in charge of the national Pokedex. Birch’s area of expertise is Pokémon habitats and their correlation to that of the human world. Each professor has specialist knowledge that can only be gained by interacting with them directly. Willow, however, is the new boy and we are not entirely sure what he majors in. Do you have any theories?

Have you fallen for Prof. Willow?


Who is your favourite Pokemon professor?


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