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Now that our mobile devices have become windows to the Pokémon world, trainers everywhere are starting to live out their ultimate fantasies on the road to catching 'em all. But while our faces have been glued to our phones as we amble around our respective areas (which the police have actually issued warnings about), Pokémon Go has forced us into some odd situations...

Pokémon GO & The Weird Things It Makes Us Do

Electronic Casualties...

Here we have Martin. An aspiring trainer. He's just spotted a wild Charmander on his road and has asked his friends for help in catching it.


"Try to catch him," his friend says, "trust me," they say.

Yes, Martin. Yes.

The Lure...

Though Pokémon GO is designed to bring us together with some of our favorite mons, the game has done a pretty good job of bringing groups of people together who would otherwise have probably never met.


Pretty damn cute. The power of video games, huh?


Ever experienced something when you're super tired and you question whether it actually happened? "Was it a dream?" you ask yourself. Well this girlfriend had that exact feeling, only...


I wonder if I have the same dedication. Probably not.


One redditor gave us a rundown of their experience with Pokémon GO and how it's got their mother super paranoid...

I very rarely leave the house when I have to, much preferring staying in playing computer games or watching anime to going on random walks. Since the release of Pokemon go, I have been going out for a couple of hours at a time to go and catch Pokemon and explore my local area.

People are actually going outside more thanks to a video game?! What an age!

Came back from work today and got changed to go for another walk with Pokemon go, there is some gyms I want to challenge around my area. I go downstairs to grab my hoody and my mom asks me where I'm going. I told her I'm going on a walk for a while and I'll be back in a bit.
She immediately started shouting demanding I tell her why I am going out by myself at strange times with nothing by my phone, staring at the screen. She demanded I tell her who I am meeting and what I am getting up to, am I buying/selling drugs, am I going to dodgy meetings in the middle of the night.

Totally fair response from mum.

I explained and showed her the app and I hope/think she now believes me, and she apologized about thinking such things. God damn it Nintendo why have you made me have to have that much of an outdoor life that even my own family think I am doing illegal things?!

10/10 game would be questioned for drug dealing again.

The President Is All Like, "You Think You Can Take On My Blastoise?"

Below is a picture of The White House. It has become a gym, and the gym is actually guarded by a Blastoise.


What do you think? Is Obama taking some time off to become the very best?

Small Chance of Getting Shot...On The Other Hand...

Another redditor was tempted by the allure of a ton of Pokéstops in really close proximity. Probably not the best idea to pursue them though...

Or is it...?

Can I Borrow Your Helicopter...?

Though most of us are expected to use our feet when hunting down Pokémon, other more fortunate trainers have been stepping things up a bit.

I gotta get me one of those...

A Very Holy Gym

This church was very proud of its gym status, so proud in fact that it decided to advertise.

Praise the leader.

Have you done any strange stuff with Pokémon GO?


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