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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Aah, Pokémon GO, you barrel of geocaching and subtle exercise funs. You are amazing. Thank you for luring me out of my hole and getting me to explore new bits of my neighborhood. Never would I have thought that a Pokémon game would actually inspire me to get off my ass!

But whilst the fun of catching your first Pokémon (mine was Magnemite!) is incomparable, and the memes are absolute fire, there is, naturally, a stranger and darker side to the phenomenon: Pokéstops.

The spots dotted around town where you head to collect Pokéballs, incense and candy -- the ingredients to making your Pokéteam a totally badass one -- are vital places to hit on your journey. But how would you feel stopping off at a memorial for aborted foetuses?

There are some seriously strange Pokéstops out there people, and, for your viewing pleasure, I've collated a few of

The Strangest Pokéstop Locations In Pokémon GO

This haunted hydrant is straight out of Lavender Town...

This gay porn store is the perfect place for trainers to grab a few balls...

Berlin isn't having the hardest of times locating its Pokéstops...

Hail to the king, baby
Hail to the king, baby


They're just getting worse!

No puns necessary!

There had better be a f**king amazing Pokémon loitering there

Totally worth it, right?

But...but that isn't Dany...


What's the strangest Pokéstop you've come across in Pokémon GO?


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