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NetherRealm's Ed Boon just loves to tease us doesn't he? From his little polls hinting at Blue Beetle and Swamp Thing to his profile picture making us question if his next game was going to be Mortal Kombat 11 or Injustice 2. Well he's back at it again with another tweet which announced that on July 22nd at an Injustice 2 Panel at San Diego Comic-Con we will see two more characters revealed!

In the tweet we can see two silhouettes (that definitely could be fake since NetherRealm likes to do that) in the corner which can hint us at characters and I have a few theories as to who. We've already got several great new additions to Injustice 2 with Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd, and Supergirl but there are two characters that have been hinted who might appear. The first being Captain Cold who was teased in both trailers for the game and a t-shirt which showed items from the game by an image of his famous Cold Gun. The silhouette on the right does look like it could be a man in a hood.

But what about the other silhouette? I could be wrong but it does look like a female character and the design makes me think that it is Harley Quinn who was also teased on the shirt and is a fan favorite character from the first game. We won't know the truth until Friday, July 22 at San Diego Comic-Con but those are just my predictions, I could definitely be wrong which is why I am wondering who you think these characters are. Captain Cold and Harley Quinn or some others? Let me know your thoughts down below and I hope you all enjoyed!


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