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WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the subsequent DLC Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine.

It has been an absolute joy to be a part of the grand sweeping adventure that has been The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt over the last year. Much has been written about it, most of it good and deservedly so. I finally completed the main story quest for the final Blood and Wine DLC over the weekend and like it's predecessor Hearts of Stone it did not disappoint.

CD Projekt Red have delivered a masterpiece in storytelling and gameplay with this game and although they have not ruled out a return to this world (a world that has been beautifully created by the way...the sunrise over the Mountains of Skellige is simply breathtaking), they have declared that this will be Geralt's final adventure.

One of the main joys of playing this game is the fact that the choices you make as you play through affect the outcome of the game, meaning that everyone has a different experience. I have been playing this game over the past year with a friend and we have often found that our approaches to certain quests and missions have differed leading to totally different endings and it's been fun comparing notes and alternate scenarios.

But where does all of this leave Geralt?

Each part of the game has it's own distinct ending and its difficult to draw out where it all fits together. This means that Geralts fate is a little fuzzy to say the least. Below I have summarised the endings from my game to try and find a fitting end to the adventures of the White Wolf.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Eredin and The Wild Hunt are defeated but not before the White Frost begins to settle over Skellige. As a child of the Elder Blood Ciri knows that only she can prevent the destruction that is set to follow but in doing so she must sacrifice herself which she does. Seemingly a broken man Geralt searches for and finds the medallion worn by Ciri at the house in Crookback Bog where she had previously been held captive. The final shot sees Geralt in despair and unmoving as a pack of monsters swarm the house...

This ending is ambiguous to say the least and at the time felt like a bit of a kick in the teeth! I had tried so hard to make the right choices and yet somehow I had managed to end up with the worst possible ending of all. Ciri is lost (or dead) both Yennifer and Triss have left Geralt and the Witchers fate is unknown.

Hearts of Stone

Having found himself bound to the fates of the bandit Olgierd Von Everic and the mysterious Gaunter O'Dimm, Geralt completes the three impossible tasks in order to be free of the spell cast on him by O'Dimm. As the Master Mirror claims his prize of Olgierds soul, Geralt stops him and challenges him to a game. If he wins Olgierd goes free, if he loses then O'Dimm claims both his and the Witchers soul. Geralt wins the challenge freeing both himself and Olgierd from O'Dimm. Olgierd gives Geralt his sword as thanks and vows to live the remaining years of his life a changed man.

In terms of Chronology Hearts of Stone is probably the easiest to place given that Gaunter O'Dimm is one of the first characters that you interact with at the beginning of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (he is of course unknown to you at the time). Also in the alternate ending (where you let Olgierd die) Geralt asks O'Dimm if he will ever see Ciri again. Since it is never established what really happens to Ciri this could imply that the events in Hearts of Stone follow on from the final battle with the Wild Hunt (when Ciri has disappeared), however in his response O'Dimm points to three events where Geralt will be able to protect her and save her from a terrible fate. These three events all take place leading up to the final battle with the Wild Hunt (they actually occur in the game) which would place Hearts of Stone anywhere between the Lilac and Gooseberries mission and the Isle of Mists mission where Geralt is reunited with Ciri.

That being said in my ending there is no mention of Ciri or the events leading up to the battle with the Hunt so the only thing for certain is that these events take place after Geralts first meeting with Gaunter O'Dimm in White Orchard.

Blood and Wine

With the help of Regis, Geralt defeats Detlaff and frees the town of Toussaint from the swarm of Vampires. The Duchesses exiled sister Seyanna is captured and revealed to be the guiding hand behind the Beast of Beauclair. Showing no signs of repentance Seyanna stands before her sister who declares that although she should be punished for her crimes, as her sister she will always love her. As the two embrace Seyannna pulls a hair pin from the Duchesses hair and stabs her with it, only to be shot with a crossbow bolt by one of the guards. Both are killed and Geralt is left wondering whether to settle in Toussaint or to continue on his path.

Although this story ends tragically for the characters involved Geralt escapes relatively unscathed from this episode. Further more depending on your previous choices there is a surprise waiting for him in the games epilogue as he returns home to find a face from the past - for me it was Dandelion. This places these events to some time after Geralt rescues the bard in the Poet Under Pressure quest, though where exactly is unclear. In my ending he does mention that Priscilla is doing much better following her attack so it's certainly after the Carnal Sins mission from the first game.

Ultimately this is a game of choices and the path that the story has taken me on allows me to choose an ending for Geralt. With this in mind I choose to believe that (in some unseen event) Geralt escapes the hut at the end of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, takes the contract on the Toad Prince, leading into the events of Hearts of stone, before finally travelling to Toussaint and the Blood and Wine quest.

And after the year I have put him through Geralt of Rivia has earned his rest.


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