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With EVO 2016 in a few days time, people have been guessing which characters they think will be in a Kombat Pack 3. Kombat Pack 3 is obviously the news that Ed Boon will be revealing at EVO. So today, I am going to talk about my picks and who I think will be added to the Mortal Kombat X. Let's get started.

1. Jade

Kicking off my list is none other than the beautiful Jade (well, Kitana is also beautiful). Jade was omitted from Mortal Kombat X and most people were disappointed leading to her disappearance which raises a lot of questions. She was last seen in MK9 as a revenant of Quan Chi. There were lots of theories of her disappearance like she rebelled against Quan Chi or something like that. However, the popular theory is that if you look at Jade's MK9 ending, she is seen talking to a possessed woman who ends up possessing her and she also appears in Kitana's MKX ending as a ghostly figure. Neatherrealm should really bring her back as she is a fan favorite.

Chances of appearing: 8/10

2. Noob Saibot

This character is yet another fan favorite who was absent from MKX. He was last seen in MKX being kicked into the soulnado by Nightwolf and nothing has been confirmed about whether he is still alive. However, he is mentioned in a mirror match intro between Kung Lao and Sub-Zero hinting that Noob's whereabouts are unknown and that he calls to Sub Zero from the other side. He should definitely return as he is one of the characters that is heavily requested by fans.

Chances of appearing: 9/10

3. Rain

Rain is another fan favorite that needs to be part of MKX. He is in the story mode in the game but only as a non playable character and as a CPU Opponent. He only has a small part in the story mode and was originally planned to be killed by D'Vorah along with Tanya but Cassie tells D'Vorah to spare them. This character should also get more story in future games and he should be more than likely to be a DLC character for Kombat Pack 3.

Chances of appearing: 10/10

4. Fujin

Final person on my top picks is Fujin. He appeared in MKX but as a non playable character in MKX. He only had a cameo at the start of the game where he and Raiden were protecting the Jinsei chamber from Quan Chi and his revenants from poisoning the life force of Earthrealm. He isn't seen again after that and like Jade and everybody else that didn't appear as a playable character first time round, Fujin was among them. This wind god should definitely be expected in the 3rd Kombat Pack.

Chances of appearing: 9/10

Other characters that are honorable mentions are Frost, Nightwolf, Sareena and any new character that Neatherrealm plan to introduce into the Mortal Kombat Universe.

Do you guys agree with my list? Which characters would you pick. Please leave comments down below and let me know and please feel free to vote in my poll.


Which characters would you pick for Kombat Pack 3?


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