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This weekend the mobile game Pokemon Go has taken the world by surprise! Everywhere you go you see people staring at their phones, walking around and attempting to triangulate Pokemon to capture!

The game has become extremely popular, but isn't without its flaws - the biggest of which is the that the servers can't seem to handle the amount of players and have crashed every day since its release. Even with this problem the game is wonderful fun, but there are still plenty of things we hope to see in future updates!

1. Player Battles

One of the largest parts of the original Game Boy, Advance, and DS Pokemon games was battling the players along the paths. These battles would be instigated when you crossed line of sight with AI Pokemon trainers. When Pokemon Go was announced one of the most exciting potential aspects of the game was going to be battling your friends!

This kind of update would have so much potential to link players together, friend or stranger, and connect the Pokemon world in a way that's never been done before!

2. Player Trading

The trading card Pokemon game, that is still immensely popular, is based around the idea of trading! I remember sitting around with my binders full of Pokemon cards, trading with friends even fifteen years ago! Inside the handheld versions of the game there was plenty of trading available, sometimes with friends through connections but also through AI trainers within the game for extremely rare Pokemon that were unavailable in the wild.

So far trading isn't possible, but it's one of the things that's been promised to us for the near future. The fun part will be when you catch a rare Pokemon you will be able to trade with a friend (or strangers you come across) for one of their rare Pokemon to increase your Pokedex!

3. Legendary Bird Pokemon

Legendary Birds
Legendary Birds

Inside the game, when you reach level five, you choose one of three teams each representing a different legendary bird Pokemon from generation one - Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres. In the handheld versions these birds were each available only once in special caves or buildings and if you failed to capture them you never got another chance.

The assumption for Pokemon Go is that there will be regional tournaments or challenges, and if you work with your colored team to accomplish the goal you'll be eligible to receive one of these legendary birds!

4. Mewtwo and Mew

Mewtwo and Mew
Mewtwo and Mew

Just like the legendary birds these two iconic Pokemon have yet to be officially announced as part of the game. It's assumed that there will be events similar to what I described for the legendary birds, potentially. It's not been confirmed, but one trailer for the game gave evidence to support this theory with players joining together in New York's Time Square to defeat Mewtwo. As a reward each of these players received the mutant Pokemon.

5. Generation 2

Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil
Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil

In its inception Pokemon had only 150 pocket monsters that were available for capture and training, but as the game grew more generations of Pokemon were added with each iteration. There are now, officially, seven generations totaling over 700 Pokemon.

So far Pokemon Go only incorporates the first generation, the first 150, from the original Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow versions. This was smart on Nintendo's part as the first generation of Pokemon has so much nostalgia connected to it with original Pokemon fans. This also makes the game less overwhelming which brings in both old and new fans. Eventually, though, when players catch the first 150, they'll need additional reasons to keep playing the game. Nintendo will no doubt eventually add the following generations to keep the "Gotta Catch-Em All" theme strong and to keep its players active!

6. Better Pokemon Tracking

One of the best parts of the game is the adventure, you get to walk around and try to locate to catch 'em all, but let's face it: it can also be the most annoying part! Driving around for half an hour trying to zone in on one Pokemon can get pretty frustrating and discouraging. One thing I'd love to see is better instruction on which direction the Pokemon your hunting is, even if it's just a simple arrow, or N, E, S, or W symbol.

7. More Fun With the Pictures!

One of the best things the creators did with Pokemon Go was the photo option when capturing a Pokemon. These photos have been going viral for weeks and has helped greatly in pushing people toward the game! It seems like everyone is sharing and using these photos for both laughs and bragging!

I'd love to see them do more with this to keep the excitement with the fun photos ongoing! Add a feature where I can overlay my Pokemon into photos. I could add Pikachu into my Disneyland pic, or Charizard into my brothers wedding! Why not? They're my pets and they go everywhere with me!

8. Missions or a Storyline

One of the best parts of the original Pokemon Yellow, Blue, Yellow, and even Gold and Silver, was the Team Rocket story lines. It was really exciting to track them down, fight them and in the end thwart their leader Giovanni!

It would be really awesome if Go added a "mission" or "story" portion of their game. This could still be interactive with other players as you team up with your friends to take on Team Rocket!

I'm certainly entertained by this game so they can only improve on it! Pokemon has never really stopped being popular, its just been passed down to new generations, but if this game can unite us all what's next for it? The awesome part of it is that since it's an app and not a cartridge game, Nintendo could potentially add to the game forever with new updates constantly making it more fun and interactive!


Which of these updates would you most like to see?


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