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I thought of doing this in a documentary format but due to budget restrictions & time I think I'll leave it to the writing because words are always free right? Unless of course you're writing in Microsoft Word, then there's a monthly fee. Anyway, Pokémon GO! The number one app on the planet for the moment is bringing out the kid in us all that we forgot about. It's become an instant phenomenon, though if you think back to the late 90's, early 00's with the card game, Gameboy games, and movies it should come to no surprise to people who are now in their late 20's. This is pretty much the standard effect that this brand has/had on the public. Pokémon seemed to have leveled off the last 10 years or so but it still had enough steam to stay afloat; cancelling the show and halt on the card game wasn't something that was happening in the near future. The games are built on expansion and evolving and that's one of the elements I think has helped the brand stand the test of time and keep current amoungst generations.

Though we're hearing horror stories of folks being robbed, pile ups on major highways, etc. these things are bound to happen with any product that's addicting and one that causes distractions. Of course we're also dealing with the assholes whom are going to try to ruin it for everyone; and they're will be a few, there always is.


My thought to you all is that I can see folks taking this to the utmost extreme. Someone who dodges their real-world/life responsibilities, packs up their belongings, sells what they don't need and begins a real-life Pokémon journey much like Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town (from the hit TV show & feature films). They would travel the world with smartphone in hand looking for all sorts of Pokémon, leveling their character, stopping at all Pokéstops and battling at all the gyms along the way to their ultimate goal which is to capture all 151 original Pokémon including those legendary pocket monsters (Articuno, Moltres, Mew, Zapados, etc.), which haven't been implemented in the game yet. Imagine an aspiring Pokémon master traveling overseas to capture a mysterious legendary Pokémon, that would be a real story to showcase throughout media..

Imagine trainers stopping at the local Starbucks, recharging their devices, grabbing a cup-of-joe, then hitting the streets again. Some light camping gear I'm sure would be necessary to keep protected against the elements, and if you could bring a group together that might also spice shit up a bit! You could meet some pretty cool people trading (not implemented yet), and perhaps training with others.


Provoking thoughts indeed. Though I wouldn't recommend doing ether or any other hard chemical drug to enhance you augmented reality experience because that might lead to unwanted trouble, and boy do I mean it!

If Hunter Thompson was still alive I'm sure he'd be Fear and Loathing with Dr. Gonzo all the way to Pallet Town!


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