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Pokémon Go is the number 1 top-grossing app on Google Play and the App Store. People are WALKING up and down the street trying to catch a few Pokémon or stopping by a few Pokéstops. However, not everyone can download the app from these legitimate stores. The rollout to new countries has been paused until Niantic is "comfortable" with the app.

However, this does NOT stop hardcore fans from finding other ways to download the apk Pokémon Go from unknown and less reliable sources.

According to Proofpoint, hackers have taken advantage of this pause by creating an Android version of the game infected with a malicious remote access tool (RAT) called DroidJack a.k.a. SandroRat. The malware will give hackers full control of your mobile. Talk about invasion of privacy!

How To Know If You Have The Hijack App

So if you downloaded Pokémon Go from an unknown source, there is a way to check if you have the malware version. First, you can compare the permissions on your app with those of the legitimate one. You can access your permissions by going to Settings >> Apps >> Pokémon Go and scroll down.

Legitimate Permissions Of Pokémon Go

Permissions from legitimate Pokemon Go APK
Permissions from legitimate Pokemon Go APK

Permissions Of Infected Pokémon Go

Permission from the infected pokemon go APK
Permission from the infected pokemon go APK

As you can see the infected Pokémon Go APK has been modified in such a way that, when launched, you would not notice that the game has a malicious application. However, when peeking in the app's permissions, you see that it will access your messages, modify your contacts, browser history and much more!

To explore even further if your Pokémon Go or any other game app is compromised check out Proofpoint's Blog Post. So player beware and download Pokémon Go from the official site.

Did You Check Your Pokémon Go For Any Suspicious Permissions?

Source: Proofpoint


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