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Whether you are a dedicated console gamer, a roaming mobile gamer or even a rig tweaking PC gamer, we are all part of the same beautiful sect. Gaming is in our blood; it’s in our DNA and whether you realize it or not we are all connected in play. We share the same highs and lows, we love to win and we hate to lose but most of all we just love to game.

Remember when we brought you 23 hilarious signs that you're a true gamer? Well, you guys loved it so much that we thought we would bring you part two. From the casual to the competitive and all the Pokémon GO addicts in between, here’s 23 (more) signs that you are a true gamer.

1. You can become a little too engrossed in your games

2. When permission is given for just 'one quick game before bed', you regularly find yourself like...

3. You take your in-game experiences into the real world

4. You look like this every Friday…

5. As a true gamer, only you will know the agony of...

6. You work well in a team but on the inside are like…

7. You dread the grand finale

8. Your normal, mundane daily actions are made all the better when you put a gaming spin on things

9. You remember what it used to be like…

10. You die in the same place 14 times in a row and are like…

11. You immerse yourself into a game and experience true NPC guilt when you can’t help

12. When your game crashes and you hadn’t saved it in ages

13. You start off games with the best intentions

14. You plan your bodily functions in time with your game

15. You pause a game, sleep in situ and continue when you wake up

16. The threat of a sibling erasing your saves brought you to your knees

17. Non gamers taking disks out of the drive and putting them in any random case they find can drive you to insanity

18. Are unidentifiable via thumb prints

19. Making a hot drink for your session and forgetting to drink it because you got immediately engrossed in the game. You realize hours later like...

20. Your face when trying to explain that you can't pause whilst playing an online game for the thousandth time...

21. You see video games in the real world

22. You celebrate each 'level up' like...

23. And, finally, you know you are a true gamer when you respect all other gamers no matter what platform they choose to play on. One love!

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What other signs are there that make a true gamer? Get commenting below!

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