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So, trainer, how's it going? Caught many Pokémon so far? Need any valuable tips? Or has the game got your legs feeling like they've gone to the gym for the first time since the 90s? If so, you're doing everything right.

However, something may have eluded you (not unlike this Mew), something that Pokémon GO conceals within its opening minutes. Turns out we're not limited to starting our journey with Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. A familiar yellow friend is also an option, and here's how you can pick him up!

How To Begin Your Pokémon GO Adventure With Pikachu As Your Starter

You may recall how Pokémon GO drops you onto its map at the start of the game and tasks you with catching your first Pokémon. The famous three are all within perfect catching distance, but you can actually turn them all down. How? Walk away. Far away. Far enough to block out the sounds of their tears-of-rejection. In fact you'll need to walk far enough until they all respawn. Then simply repeat this four times.

This may be more walking than you're accustomed to in terms of gaming tutorials, but after the fourth time you'll be shocked to see that a yellow bundle of joy stands alongside them. You can now chose to have Pikachu as your starter! Time to celebrate:

I understand that some of you may have reservations about starting a new account and leaving behind all that you've accomplished, so know that this isn't the only way Pikachu can join your team. You can still catch him in the wild, just like Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

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