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I feel like the conversation surrounding Overwatch's worth has been lengthily debated since its release on PS4, Xbox One and PC over a month ago. At this stage you're either captivated by its complicated systems or its meme-worthy Play of the Game concept, or, in your experience, the price Blizzard have set simply isn't warranted for a multiplayer-only game.

Therefore, what I'd rather explore is whether the Origins Edition of Overwatch is what budding players should be considering as their entry level into one of 2016's biggest games.

Is The Origins Edition of Overwatch Worth Its Price Tag?

What Does It Offer?

Firstly, there are only two versions of this game available on consoles: Overwatch: Origins Edition and Overwatch: Collector's Edition. Therefore, this discussion hardly benefits console gamers seeing as the Origins Edition is the cheapest option available when it comes to buying the game. But for PC gamers, let's see what the extra $20 gets you:

  • 5 Origins Skins: Overgrown Bastion, Blackwatch Reyes (aka Reaper), Slipstream Tracer, Strike-Commander Morrison (aka Soldier 76) and Security Chief Pharah.
  • Hearthstone - An Overwatch card back.
  • Heroes of the Storm - Play as Tracer in-game.
  • Diablo III - Mercy's wings as a cosmetic item.
  • Starcraft II - Player portraits featuring Overwatch characters.
  • World of Warcraft - You can have your very own baby Winston pet companion.

As you can see, the worth of Overwatch's Origin Edition is determined by your interaction with Blizzard's other IPs. Are you still in love with World of Warcraft after all these years? Does Diablo III still command the same sense of power and do you still grapple with Starcraft II online? If so, the worth of this edition increases; perhaps one of these digital goodies is enough to convince you of the purchase already!

However, for those that simply wish to play Overwatch as it is and are no longer particularly interested in Blizzard's other franchises, I can't see much worth for you here. While the character skins are beautifully crafted and I frequently see players equipping them online, they are most certainly not worth $20. Were they $5 I might be able to make a case for them, but seeing as they're tied up in the Origins Edition of Overwatch, I see little value for players who simply wish to try out this multiplayer extravaganza.

Even though I myself am a huge fan of Blizzard's work and would recommend all of their titles to any kind of gamer regardless of their preferences, I fail to see how these digital extras are worth such a heavy price tag. The additional $20 certainly won't improve your experience of the game, which is frustrating for console gamers, therefore I'd recommend opting for the normal edition of Overwatch or the Collector's Edition if you feel so inclined.

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