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When it comes to fighting franchises, Mortal Kombat is by far and away the most well recognized. Starting life as a humble, budget arcade-filler, Mortal Kombat has grown into one of the world’s most popular and iconic franchises.

From the arcade to the big screen, the evolution of this epic series has been nothing short of astounding. Achieving record arcade sales and box-office-topping success, Mortal Kombat has to be one of the greatest ever entertainment franchises.

Sure, we all know that Mortal Kombat is utterly remarkable, but did you know that Ed Boon (creator of the series) voiced Scorpion in the movie, and that the movie's soundtrack went platinum within two weeks of release? You did!? Well, how about 31 more astounding Mortal Kombat facts you probably didn’t know.

1. Brandon Lee was originally meant to star as Johnny Cage in the movie but was tragically killed filming the final scenes of The Crow.

2. Danny Glover and Sean Connery were both considered for the role of Raiden in the movie.

3. Ermac was not an actual character in Mortal Kombat he was a glitch in the game. The original ninja characters were differentiated with colour – all ninja characters started red but had their unique colour added before the round began. After extensive playtime occasionally the game would glitch and not apply the relevant skin, meaning that the default red ninja would appear. This was accompanied by the name ‘ER MAC’ which stood for ‘ERROR MACRO’. Players assumed that this was a secret character, alas it was not.

4. Due to the popularity of the above rumor, however, Ermac was developed into a playable character in later games.

5. Jean Claude Van-Damme turned down the role of Johnny Cage and chose instead to star in the Street Fighter movie – Ouch!

6. The creators of Mortal Kombat are big music fans – the character Rain was based on Price’s song ‘Purple Rain’. Get it?

7. Liu Kang is based on martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

8. Following the rejection from Jean Claude Van-Damme, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise were considered for the role of Johnny Cage.

9. There are hidden codes hidden within Mortal Kombat I, II and III - these cheat codes open up secret menus and even a special greeting from series' creator, Ed Boon. The codes are as follows - MK1: EJBABCD, MK2: EJBHB, MK3: EJCABBCD

10. The original movie was top of the box office charts for three weeks.

11. Raiden, the God of thunder, is genuinely based on that crazy lightning guy from Big Trouble in Little China (1986). This guy, Lightening, is still one of my favorite movie bad guys. Shang Tsung is based on Lo Pan from the same movie.

12. Johnny Cage is the only ‘goodie’ in the movie to have a flawless victory. Can you tell me in the comments who it was against?

13. Chris Casamassa was originally hired as a stunt ninja but the team were so impressed with him that he was offered the role of Scorpion.

14. In the movie, when that chameleon creature invades an Outworld statue and turns into the green ninja, if you listen very carefully, you can hear a voice say "Reptile." This excerpt is taken directly from Mortal Kombat II and is the voice of Shao Kahn.

15. Steve James was set to play the role of Jax but unfortunately was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer prior to filming. Gregory McKinney took on the role instead. Tragically the cancer took James’ life later that year.

16. Mortal Kombat II on Sega Genesis had a cheat code (LDL RDR LLRR) which allowed access to the submenu with Soak Test and invincibility.

17. Fatalities on the SNES were called 'finishing moves.'

18. Bridgette Wilson-Sampras was nicknamed "RoboBabe" by the director.

19. Cameron Diaz was cast to play the role of Sonya Blade. However, just weeks to go before filming Cameron Diaz broke her wrist and was unable to take part.

20. Before they settled on 'Mortal Kombat' the game designers juggled with other names, including "Kumite", "Dragon Attack", "Deathblow" and "Fatality."

21. When the original game came to the SNES it was not allowed to show any blood. Instead when you hit people sweat came off. The GENESIS however, allowed blood if you entered in a secret code 'ABACABB.'

22. François Petit, who played Sub-Zero, was technically the highest ranking martial arts expert on the movie set. You're not so hot now, are you Scorpion?

23. Mortal Kombat was the first video game in history to have an officially announced release date and countdown in the US and the UK. The date was known as 'Mortal Monday.'

24. The original script was written to emulate the level of violence in the game and was given an R rating. This was later adapted to incorporate less violence.

25. Liu Kang is the only character in the game to have a finishing move that doesn't kill the opponent. This is due to his backstory as a Shaolin Monk.

26. In the movie, all the statues in the Outworld were made from painted foam.

27. Mortal Kombat on the SNES and GENESIS had different soundtracks. The SNES had the same soundtrack as the arcade whilst the GENESIS had its own sound.

28. Reptile was originally not included in the movie, until focus groups demanded his inclusion.

29. Noob Saibot's name is an amalgamation of both the original creators names spelt backwards: Ed Boon and John Tobias.

30. The ESRB was set up in response to criticism received regarding Mortal Kombat's level of violence.

31. The first game was originally brought to life by a team of just four people! You guys changed video game history - amazing work!

Do you have any amazing Mortal Kombat trivia? Share your trivia below.

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