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Pokemon GO has been released in selected countries across the world and it quickly generated a lot of buzz. Some of it good, some of it bad and some of it definitely ugly. However, for one man, it has become a bit more of a nuisance than anything else. That man is Boon Sheridan, a designer who lives in Massachusetts with his wife and cats.

One year ago, Boon and his wife moved into an old style house from the 1800s that actually used to be a church. Boon said that he was looking for a home that was unique in style after previously living in a home that used to be a convenience store.

This past Friday, Boon downloaded the app Pokemon GO and started noticing something very odd about it. His home was popping up as a Gym on the app. A place where trainers can take their Pokemon to train and fight them. Boon soon took to his Twitter and started tweeting about his experiences after this big discovery.

However, it wasn't all fun and games. Boon stated that people, mostly teens and younger children, started stopping by his property, just staring at his house and their phones. Boon also stated that some people went in the park across the street from his house. Most people got up close and personal with his “gym.” He said people came all through the night, which was a little creepy.

However, throughout all of this, Boon Sheridan was remained calm and cool despite having no control over his house being a big part of the game. He says that meeting some new people is fun and interesting. He even met the "owner" of the gym despite the fact that it's his house.

Boon is mostly OK with the whole arrangement. All he's really worried about is strange people visiting his house in the late hours of the night and what his neighbors might say or think about the whole ordeal. But, all-in-all, Sheridan's final say in the matter was “I’m not angry — it was more surprise than anything else”.

What do you think of Boon Sheridan's little ordeal? Are you having fun with Pokemon GO?

Source: Buzzfeed


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