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Obscurity can sometimes be both a gift and a curse. This can be the case when trying to adapt age-old properties for film and television. Speaking of which ,Sega, the gaming company, has been busy this year as it would seem that many of their games are in the process of being adapted for the big screen. One of the latest properties to join the fray is Rent-A-Hero, an odd little game that allowed players to actually rent their very own crime-fighters who attempt to foil the nefarious plots of a host of colorful villains. This news comes after a number of game adaptations such as Shinobi, Splinter Cell, and God of War have been announced or are in various stages of development at other studios.

Here's the plot synopsis for the game:

Taro Yamada, or Rent A Hero (レンタヒーロー Renta Hīrō?) lives in the town of Corja in Japan with his mother, eccentric father and younger sister Alyssa; the family moved there after his father changed jobs. He received his Combat Armor by accident during their house-warming party, when he ordered pizza from 'Sensational Cafeteria' or SECA and instead received the suit. After realizing the suit gave him incredible strength and that he is required to pay for the armor, Taro decides to become a hero for hire, performing various heroic tasks and odd-jobs for the townspeople of Corja.

From the sound of it, Rent-A-Hero could be a pretty fun experience at the theater.This project has essentially been described as "Uber for superheroes" and that in itself already makes it a strong pitch with a fun, crazy, and inventive premise. Imagine costumed protectors cleaning windows, walking dogs, fighting street gangs and criminals, and helping school kids catch pokemon at the gates of the city dump (sorry, couldn't resist). A film with this kind of premise could be very successful with the right kind of execution and direction. Steve Pinker, the director behind Hot-tub time machine, is an odd but strangely fitting choice to direct what appears to be another whimsical leap into superhero satire genre. As for what to expect from this, it's best to think of "Scott Pilgrim meets Kickass meets Napoleon Dynamite" when looking at tone and what kind of creative direction the film could take. Stay tuned for more updates.


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