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No Man's Sky (NMS) – the super-massive, super-awesome looking interplanetary adventure epic – recently hit its first (but surely not last) milestone when the game went gold last week. It's an amazing achievement for the developers at Hello Games, who hardly tried to hide their excitement about it.

NMS has rightfully been drawing plaudits for its damn gorgeous aesthetics, seamless gameplay and the sheer scale of the thing. But whilst we're all readily awaiting jumping into our spacecraft and shooting up peaceful, lumbering alien dinosaurs, there's one space elephant that's taking up the majority of space in the room, whilst not really being talked about:

Will No Man's Sky Be Coming To VR?

Just look at the game. There's no denying it would be a perfect candidate for Sony's potentially industry-defining tech. Imagine traversing No Man's Sky's neon-tinged, pastel planets from the comfort of your own headset?

Every Man's VR

In an interview with IGN, Murray took some time out of his busy schedule to enthuse over the fledgling tech:I personally would love VR to become a viable and inexpensive non-gimmick that could usher us into a new wave of immersive gaming experiences, and thankfully that sentiment has been echoed by Sean Murray, No Man's Sky's lead developer and head honcho of Hello Games.

"I think VR in general is incredibly exciting. I would say I’m a believer. I have this optimism about it. I really hope everyone gets it right."

And how he will sing VR's praises to all of his pals:

"I have definitely decided that I'm going to own a VR headset and I'm going to show my friends... and I'm going to try and convince them to buy one."
Imagine this in VR...
Imagine this in VR...

But still, he stands (and sits too, perhaps) as a staunch believer that VR needs that "killer app" to truly push it over the edge from expensive gimmick to must-have device, which isn't an incorrect viewpoint to have.

But wouldn't No Man's Sky be that exact "killer app" needed to smash the tech out of the park? So long as it is optimized for long periods of play. Which is no mean feat, I can imagine:

"If it was No Man's Sky—if such a thing existed—being able to find a planet if you really loved and then be able to see it in [VR]. I think something like that would be incredibly cool."

So there is a very good chance that when released, your copies of No Man's Sky could see an update that brings with it PSVR capabilities, which would be absolutely phenomenal!

What do you think?

Could No Man's Sky be the device defining title that it should be?

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