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Pokémon GO is taking the mobile gaming world by storm. It's the first ever Pokémon game to make it to our smartphones and boy is it popular. Those of you lucky enough to be able to play Pokémon GO will be aware that the game includes the familiar generation of Pokémon from the original series

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It's an augmented reality game, which basically means we have to get out into the real world to catch ‘em all. But where to look?

On the hunt

The legendary Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos and Mewtwo have still yet to be found. We have already seen a large variety of Pokémon caught but no one has yet to even catch a glimpse of a legendary bird. We know that Niantic has included these awesome Pokémon as they are the mascot creatures for the three teams. But can we catch them?

The answer is yes, but how, when and where is still a mystery. I mean they are legendary birds – if someone had caught one already then they wouldn’t be that rare, would they?

It is suspected that these birds will only be available during organized community events. This would certainly tie in with that early trailer we saw (above) of a large crowd gathered in Times Square all ready to fight a Mewtwo. At the end of the battle we saw that all the players involved were rewarded with the legendary creature just like in the regular Pokémon games.

It is also likely, due to the fact that each team has their own legendary mascot, that there will be intra-team completions to vie for a position to be in-line for a legendary battle. Games like Pokémon Shuffle have ranked leagues where players vie for top spot, so maybe this type of system could be used. Whether these intra-battles will take the form of gym battles or other mini-games is still unclear.

It may be the case that only those clever enough to work out a series of clues will be able to battle for a legendary Pokemon. Either way, what we do know is that if these events are to take place they will be region-specific, meaning that you will most likely have to travel.

Where could we expect to find these legendary creatures?

Let’s just assume for a second that they are already accessible in Pokémon GO and we just haven’t been looking in the right places – where could we expect to find these Pokémon?


Pack your bags, we're going on a road trip. The first one we will consider will be Articuno. It’s Articuno so it’s got to be cold. Places like the Arctic and the Antarctic are not exactly on the average Pokémon GO player's Google maps – which is why it would make sense that anyone who travels there should be rewarded.

However, realistically maybe we should be looking in Alaska, Dakota (North mostly), Minnesota, Michigan – colder regions of mountain ranges, skiing resorts etc. Europeans should think about the mountains, Iceland and also ski resorts.

What I am saying is, think cold (very cold) and you may stumble across a nesting Articuno.


Think power, but please tread carefully! In Pokémon GO Zapdos was found nesting near a power station. I dispense this advice with extreme caution as I do not want Pokémon GO players scaling power lines, but the nature of the beast is power. Think dams; Hoover, Glen Canyon, Garrison, take your pick.

You should also think about naturally occurring power in America. The top five states for electrical activity are: Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. It may be worth booking a weekend away to get a good hunt going.

In Venezuela you can witness the world's largest lightning storms, known as the Catatumbo lightning. This area of the world receives more lightning strikes than anywhere else on the planet - 1.2 Million per year - and, if anywhere, is the place you'll find that Zapdos.


You are going to want to think hot for this one: Desserts, salt plains, areas of the world where there is very little rainfall.

Try Death Valley or even Lake Havasu City in Arizona, trust me that place is Moltres-level hot. Of course, many areas of the US are pretty sweltering, but the Texan plains, Virgin Islands and the like are good places to start.

If you want to think outside the box think of places that need extreme heat to function like smelting plants and the like – DO NOT GO INSIDE. Just walk by, join a tour - they will be easy enough to spot if you are in the right location.


The mighty mysterious Mewtwo. Well, this one is definitely for the most adventurous of Pokémon trainers. If you played the Game Boy games, you'll know that Mewtwo was found in the Cerulean Cave, so it would make sense to look in similar places.

Try underground - did you know that there are underground cities that you were unaware of? America, for example, has Leavenworth in Kansas. This vast underground network is an ideal spot to find a Mewtwo. Other countries include the UK, who have the Central Government War HQ (I Wouldn't try going in there without a pass though). Canada is home to the Indoor City hidden under Montreal. China have Dixia Cheng - there are many more that are definitely worth the research.

Try looking for old ‘OUT OF SERVICE’ train tunnels, catacombs or bunkers. These old structures litter the world's landscape and are mighty fun to explore - these are definitely great places to start.

There may be tours you can go on for all of the above location types that will take you to otherwise inaccessible areas, like many of those underground locations for example. This way you stay safe and you get to contribute to your local economy, which was all part of the Pokemon GO plan anyway.

Where would you think to look for the legendary Pokémon?


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