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The world is currently infatuated with a little game called Pokémon GO. Maybe obsessed is a better word. Whether the game is making people do some weird things or bringing gamers together in beautiful ways, the love has been real and profound.

One gamer in particular was keen on spreading that love to a place devoid of any such phenomenon: The Westboro Baptist Church. And yes, it was wonderful.

Trolling The Westboro Baptist Church -- Pokémon GO Style

In Pokémon GO there are numerous gyms spread throughout the augmented reality Poké-World, with different teams battling for control of these spaces. Once a team takes control, a defending Pokémon becomes the face of said location. So, ladies and gents, for a brief period of time this fairy type, with the name "LOVEISLOVE," was the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church's gym:

As a church that's renowned for its hate and intolerance, Westboro responded in a frustratingly calm and sophisticated manner:

One of the church's members also responded with a Vine that I literally cannot fathom...

Thankfully, the internet was having none of this nonsense and was keen to spread Clefairy's original message of love.

And they had plenty of time for jokes.

Keep on loving, internet.

Are you feeling the Poké-love?

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