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(Yes, I know that this is ACTUALLY from Smash Bros)
(Yes, I know that this is ACTUALLY from Smash Bros)

AWWW YEAH!!! Mega Man: Legacy Collection is a non-stop action-filled blast of nostalgic merriment! Want to know why? Here's why!!

Mega Man: Legacy Collection contains the first six Mega Man games. Honestly, the story of Mega Man is very simple. In the year 200X, Dr. Light creates robot masters to be aid humans in everyday life. His rival Dr. Wily is jealous, and sabotages the robot masters. They all become evil and attack the world. A robot named, Rock offers to help Dr. Light. In all six games, he upgrades himself to become Mega Man. Mega Man is a robot armed with a laser canon for a right arm. As he defeats each robot master, he gains their powers. It's pretty basic. At the end of each game, Dr. Wily is defeated.

Gameplay is simple as well. As Mega Man, you run to the end of the level blasting evil robots. You can pick up ammo, extra lives, and fight a robot master at the end of each level. Once you defeat a boss, you gain their power. Before you can face Dr. Wily, you need to clear each level. You can play them in any specific order you want. However, each robot master is weak against certain weapons Mega Man acquires. Mega Man: Legacy Collection has a ton of bonus features. Such as gameplay artwork and various game challenges. You can actually save and load your game data. Which is great, considering you couldn't save your game data. What makes this franchise so fun is the fact each game is not easy. It's a challenge!! Who doesn't love a challenge?! If you love a challenge or classic video games, then pick up or download Mega Man: Legacy Collection. You won't regret it!


Mega Man is also one of the new characters in Super Smash Brothers! Check it out yourself.


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