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Because of their ability to quickly and discreetly act out assassinations, snipers are usually seen as defense character in fps games. Overwatch has its own sniper in the form of defense-type, Widowmaker.

Every character in Overwatch has a purpose, and Widomaker's is to kill, and only kill. After all, that's what you'd expect from a sniper, isn't it? Who'd ever heard of a supporting sniper? Such a thing doesn't exist! Until now, that is.

Meet Ana - The World's First Healing Sniper!

Overwatch has been teasing a new character for a long time now, dropping hints in-game and on their Twitter about a mysterious new sniper named Sombra. These hints ranged from images of Sombra- now confirmed to be Ana - wearing a helmet, as well as images of her custom sniper rifle.

Today, we have finally been given what we've been waiting a long time for, an official reveal for Ana! The GameSpot YouTube channel released a video today, showing Ana in action.

Check out the gameplay video below:

Now that you've no doubt watched Ana's bad-ass introduction a number of times, let's take a closer look at the trailer to see what Ana's all about!

Healing Bullets?

Right away, Ana has proven that she belongs right in the odd world of Overwatch by providing players with a bizarre paradox, healing bullets. That's right, Ana comes armed with bullets designed to heal people.

How does this work? I'm not entirely sure! You would think that firing any kind of projectile at someone with a sniper rifle would do more harm than heal. Sniper rifles fire at an alarmingly fast rate, so even if she's shooting teammates with needles full of "healing juice" (I'm not a doctor), it should totally put a hole in them.

But this is Overwatch, where gorillas with electric guns fight Korean champion gamers, ninjas, and the closest thing to Death himself in order to control a point! Ana can also heal her friends with biotic grenades, another thing that should probably totally KILL THEM. But I digress.

Sleep Grenades

Ana may not be the deadly sniper type, but don't you underestimate this seasoned veteran, she comes prepared! Not only can she heal teammates, but she can also help them take out the enemy by putting the enemy to sleep.

Ana's sleep grenades seem to instantly paralyze whoever gets hit by them, in a way similar to McCree's flashbangs (who she ironically uses it on). This makes Ana more of a strategic character, as players will have to determine when the best time is to knock an enemy unconscious so your teammate can go in for the kill!

Poison Bullets

In contrast to her healing bullets, Ana also has bullets that seems to be packed with poison, similar to Widowmaker's special bran of "venom". See, this is closer to how bullets are supposed to act!

That's all we really know about how Ana plays, but what about Ana herself? Who is this mysterious new character? Where does she come from? How does she fit in to the Overwatch mythos? There's so many questions! Luckily, GameSpot has another video that answers the majority of our burning questions.

The Story Of Ana - Pharah's Mother!

The story of Ana is told in a video released by GameSpot today. Check it out below, and prepare your tissues, it's an emotional one:

It's been rumored that Ana, or Sombra at the time, would be Phara's mother, the biggest hint being that both characters share the same taste in eyeliner. The Overwatch team wastes no time in confirming this fact, starting the trailer off with a narration of Ana writing a letter to her daughter Pharah!

But here's the thing, Pharah's mother was said to be dead, so how could Ana be her mother? Well, the trailer answers that question, revealing what happened to Ana for the world to think she died.

It turns out that Ana was part of the original Overwatch team, alongside familiar heroes like Torbjorn, Mercy, Soldier: 76, and Gabriel Reyes, the man who would become Reaper.

Ana served as the team's sniper, going on several missions with the team, who she came to know as friends. It look like Ana was their best sniper, keeping the team safe with her deadly skills on missions!

Unfortunately, she came across the vicious Talon sniper, Widowmaker, while on a mission. Despite excelling as a sniper, she was unable to beat Widowmaker, nearly dying (and losing her aiming eye) in the process.

After this, Ana let the world believe she was dead. She stays in hiding for years, until she realizes that the world still needs saving from the likes of Widowmaker and Talon. She comes out of hiding, ready to protect the world once more!

It's worth noticing that while Ana is mainly a supporting and healing character in the gameplay trailer, she seems to be more of a deadly sniper in her origin story. She talks about the many people she's killed to keep her friends safe as if she personally dealt out the killings.

It's possible that Ana used to be an ordinary sniper, before her brush with death and her inability to save her friends caused her to switch to a more supportive type. What about the poison bullets? Well, she's got to protect herself somehow. Plus they seem to serve as a pretty big middle finger to Widowmaker, as Ana uses them on her in the trailer! She even says "I have you in MY sights" (a play on Widowmaker's catchphrase) while doing it!

So that's all we know about Ana, Overwatch's first healing sniper! Blizzard has yet to give us any details on when Ana will be available in the game. But you should find comfort in the fact that Blizzard has promised to release extra characters and maps for free!

Thanks For Reading! What Do You Think Of Ana?

Just itching to play as Ana? Well, if you're an Overwatch PC player, you may just be in luck! Check out this official Overwatch blog entry to find out how to participate in the upcoming PTR for Overwatch's new patch. The test, which is available now, let's you try out Ana!


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