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Pokémon GO is the latest viral sensation to sweep the globe. The augmented reality Pokémon exploratory adventure has trainers of all ages scouring their local neighbourhoods in search of their favourite Pokémon.

Following the extraordinary success that Pokémon GO has experienced during its initial release phase, the franchise is proving to be the hottest property on Hollywood’s wish list right now. Details are sparse on the ground but Deadline reports that multiple studios are vying for the rights to the iconic series but that Legendary Pictures are the closest to sealing a deal.

Live action Pokemon movie incoming?

Legendary Pictures seem to be on a role when it comes to wrapping up video game licenses for the big screen. Their latest collaboration with Blizzard saw the studio delving deep into the darkened World of Warcraft with the release of Warcraft: The Beginning.

This latest venture will certainly test the industry’s ability to produce quality video game to movie adaptations, which so far does not have the best of track records. Pokémon is one of the most beloved franchises on the planet and when it comes to expectations -- the fans know what they want.

This will also be the most expensive gaming franchise purchase to date. It is rumoured that the initial deal outlines $5 million against 5% of the first-dollar gross. It is worth noting that this is still all conjecture at this point. I have reached out to Legendary, though they've yet to respond.

Deadline also state that the movie’s story could be written by screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle). DC Comic fans will recognise the name, as Landis has taken his pen to the seven-issue mini-series Superman: American Alien.

Funnily enough, there have been 19 Pokémon movies made since 1998, though they were all animated and only five made it to the big screen in the US and UK. Could it be that we are about to hear word of the first live action Pokémon movie? I certainly hope so.

What do you want from a live action Pokémon movie? Plot suggestions below.

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