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The Pokemon GO craze that is sweeping the nation is reaching fever pitch levels as more and more Pokémon are being discovered. Pokémon GO is the first ever real world, augmented reality Pokémon game to hit our shores and by Jove do we love it.

Yup, Pokémon GO is live and is already becoming mightily competitive. Using the National Pokedex I have put together this list, which details the rarest and the most powerful Pokémon available in Pokémon GO, as well as where you are most likely to find them.

10. Aerodactyl

Number 142 in your Pokedex is the mighty Aerodactyl. This is a fossil Pokémon that is apparently a tricky one to catch. This Pokémon has been caught in back yards, parks and other semi open, outdoor spaces. According to player reports, it can be found anywhere in the world.

9. Snorlax

Number 143 in your Pokedex is the Snorlax. This bipedal Pokémon has been caught a few times and welcomes gifts of fruit to aid in his capture. Snorlax is a normal type Pokémon who is often (always) found sleeping. Can be found anywhere in the real world.

You can also nab yourself a Snorlax by hatching a 10Km egg.

8. Articuno

Number 144 in the Pokedex is Articuno. This legendary bird falls in with the freeze Pokémon. This Pokémon has not yet been caught or even seen in Pokémon Go. It is suspected that this rare bird will only become available via community based events.

7. Zapdos

Number 145 in the Pokedex is Zapdos. This Pokémon is another of the fabled legendary birds and has not been seen in the game as of yet. As with the above, it is likely that these Pokémon will only become available via community events.

6. Moltres

Number 146 in the Pokedex is Moltres. Moltres is the third of the legendary birds that will be available in Pokémon GO. This flaming Pokémon has not yet been seen in Pokémon GO, and like the above legendary birds, it is likely that this Pokémon will only be available via community events.

5. Ditto

Number 147 in the Pokedex is Ditto. Ditto joins Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew as the Pokémon that are currently unavailable in Pokémon GO. They are included in the game's source code however, meaning that they will be included at some stage.

It is rumoured that the legendary Pokémon will become available during community events, so it is also assumed that Ditto will become available at similar times.

4. Dragonair

Number 148 in the Pokedex is Dragonair. Dragonair evolves Dratini and can evolve into Dragonite (lvl 55). This dragon type Pokémon has been caught on numerous occasions in Pokémon GO, primarily near water sources, and can be caught anywhere in the world.

3. Dragonite

Number 149 in the Pokedex is Dragonite. Draginite evolves from the above Dragonair and is one of the game's most formidable opponents, definitely one to have on your side. This is another rare Pokémon that can be found anywhere in the world. The video below explains how this trainer used lure and incense to tempt the Dragonite to his location.

2. Mewtwo

Number 150 in the Pokedex is Mewtwo. Probably one of the most infamous Pokémon, this psychic beast is currently unavailable in Pokémon GO.

As we saw in the Pokémon GO trailer, it is likely that this Pokémon will only become available via community events and even then it looks as if we have to battle it. Good luck with that!

1. Mew

The Mew is not included in the game guide at all but at number 151in your Pokedex we are sure that this fella will be available in Pokémon GO. Whether this Pokémon is available now or only available during events is totally unknown.

I do think however, if you were to catch Mew in Pokémon GO, you would officially break the internet.

Have you caught any rare pokemon? Tell us how, what, when and where trainers!


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